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andreschristian95Luonut: andreschristianKeskiviikko 24.02.2016 13:33

andreschristian92Luonut: andreschristianMaanantai 25.01.2016 19:56

Pistin sitten pystyyn uuden YouTube tilin minne latailen videoita jota tulee kuvattua tien päällä, elikkä ajo, ajokeli, liikennemäärä eri vuodenaikoina ympäri Kokkolaa ja jossain vaiheessa myös muualta. Saa tietysti subbata jos niin haluaa.

ZamiR-Luonut: ZamiRKeskiviikko 13.03.2013 20:00

tahon tän päivän takas..

RYO642In MotionLuonut: RYO642Perjantai 04.05.2012 21:49

Lopputyöni taidekoulusta! Enjoy

"In Motion" is a video where different kinds of movements and expressions are captured. A video where people share their inspirations and their positivity with the world..

The video starts off with an introduction to how people always move and are in motion whether they are aware of it or not. And also, segments of motion in the nature is shown.

The whole video builds up for one question, "Who Are You?" in which several interviews are taken place with several athletes, who explain why they do what they do, and what expression of movement they represent.

From the beginning, the video was supposed to be a calm and beautiful video. Just like the introduction, the story about things that always are in motion around us, it would have continued throughout the video.
But as I was gathering material and meeting up with my friends, I noticed that I don't want to make this a piece of art that only share MY side of the story, I wanted to document the passion that consumes my friends too. We're all in this together, and we all train for the same reason. To get pleased by the progression we make, and to keep our mood positive. It's all about having fun !

Since we're talking about a personal expression, everyone's story and opinion is different from an other's.

So practically speaking, my video is a mix between a setup, art, and a documentary.

This was my final project from YA! Vocational Education and Training, Culture Department (Degree program), Visual Artisan.

RYO642A Journey In VeniceLuonut: RYO642Tiistai 06.12.2011 13:24

Himoittu Italia - video on vihdoin julkaistu! Enjoy!

Here's a short, artistic film from my trip to Italy with my art class in 2011!
We had a really good time, eventho we did come across some drama here and there lol...

GJN(?!?)Luonut: GJNKeskiviikko 21.09.2011 22:55

Mistä lainata 30-40 edes hyvälaatusta videokameraa?
Ei tartte olla mitää HD-kuvalaatua, koha parempaa ko youtuben 240p |D

Hey guys, check out my new, more artistic video that I made for a school-project! Go to youtube's site and watch it for better quality. Feedback by commenting,liking or subscribing! Peace ♥

Uploaded by RYO642tv on 17 Mar 2011

A Video-project for school. We had to choose a theme to make a work of, I chose Lights, Shadows and Reflections, and wanted to give the video-camera a try for once! There's no deeper thought in the video, just tried to make it look nice!
songs, camera etc is found in the creds, so don't put effort in asking haha!
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