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CRUSHsing sing sing a song...Luonut: CRUSHTorstai 26.08.2010 10:53

Valitse 5 LEMPIYHTYETTÄSI aloittaen parhaasta ja VIIDELTÄ LEMPIYHTYEELTÄSI, 5 PARASTA KAPPALETTA aloittaen parhaasta!!

01. Fairwell to The Fairground "To last in your eyes we're leaving fairground behind it's a dream what's never told...fairwell to the fairground goodbye to this dead town..."
02. Death "i love feeling when it lift of..I wonder what keeps you so higher..."
03. To Lose My Life "You said to lose my life to our love, that's the nightmare i'll be running from...Let's grow old togheter..."
04. E.S.T. "If you tell me that i jump then i'll die in my dreams i'm there..."
05. Keep It Together "grounded room soon that it feels just like our world..last and thaw nothing would change..."

01. Cosmic Love "A Falling star at from your heart the light did hurt my eyes..."
02. Swimming "Your songs remind me of swimming when i started to sink..."
03. Heavy In Your Arms "I was a heavy heart to carry my beloved was weight down my arms around his neck my fingers was laced to crown..."
04. Hurricane Drunk "Keep me protected no sleep nothing between i am good by hurricane..."
05. You Got The Love "somethimes i feel like throw my hands up in the air i know i can count in you..."

01. Escape "You would say anything..we would try anything to escape your meaningless...we are uncontroble we are unlovable...why can't you just love why you have become such a monster..."
02. Showbiz "controling my feeling for too long controling my feeling for too long...forcing our darkest souls unfold.."
03. Sunburn "come waste your millions here seacretly she sneers"
04. Supermassive Black Hole "Ooh baby don't you know suffer.. Ooh baby don't you hear me moan"
05. Knight Of Cydonia "come ride with me for the face of history..."

01. Erased "Here Is no one left to trust, raise a lie one that I can see, Hold Me This Is what i see emptyness in me This is how i feel this is what is me..."
02. What Can I say "I'll try to be all that you need try not never let you down still i can see it in your eyes it's not good enough.."
03. Angels of Clarity "save me from myself, save me falling down, angels of clarity..."
04. Losing You "what i have in me in my mind is you, what i'm feeling now what i'm having is you..."
05. Trapped "'cause of you i'm lying awake at night..."

01. Running Up That Hill "If I only could make a deal with god..."
02. Ashtrey Hearts "cincero cincero the ahstrey hearts..."
03. Battle for The Sun "I,I,I "
04. Song to Say Goodbye "you're one of gods mistakes you're crying to waste your skin..."
05. Space Monkey "Space Monkey space monkey to place to be the last contridiction... raising to temperature to hundred kinda love to raise temperature to the hundred degrees... "

kettukarkkiHolidays in the sun.Luonut: kettukarkkiMaanantai 03.05.2010 00:13

Listaa viisi tämänhetkistä suosikkibändiäsi/-artistiasi ja jokaiselta viisi tämänhetkistä suosikkibiisiä!

1. Billy Talent
3. Florence + The Machine
4. Death Cab for Cutie
5. The Used

Ensimmäisen bändin 5 parasta biisiä:
1. Diamond On A Landmine
2. Red Flag
3. Saint Veronika
4. Surrender
5. Pocketful of Dreams

Toisen bändin 5 parasta biisiä:
1. Girls On The Dancefloor
2. Lil Hipster Girl
3. YES
4. Shots
5. I Am Not A Whore

Kolmannen bändin 5 parasta biisiä:
1. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
2. Cosmic Love
3. Blinding
4. Dog Days Are Over
5. Galaxy of The Lost

Neljännen bändin 5 parasta biisiä:
1. Soul Meets Body
2. Grapevine Fires
3. Summer Skins
4. Cath...
5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Viidennen bändin 5 parasta biisiä:
1. Blue And Yellow
2. Hospital
3. Empty With You
4. Paralyzed
5. I Gaught Fire (In Your Eyes)

aaaa parasta musiikkia, kuunnelkaa

liida[Ei aihetta]Luonut: liidaSunnuntai 21.03.2010 22:01

if you could only see the beast you've made of me
I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free
screaming in the dark, I howl when we're apart
drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart
my fingers claw your skin, try to tempt my way in

now there's no holding back, I'm aching to attack


ShisukoRuisrockLuonut: ShisukoTiistai 02.03.2010 15:41

Mä niin meen persereikään... kaks kertaa tänä vuon siis ^^

Ihan pakko päästä... hitto ko tietäs ne päiväkohtaset jo... mutta kolme päivääki ois kiva olla, siel on niiiiiiiin kivoi esiintyjii ^^

BrainFuckedBird songLuonut: BrainFuckedSunnuntai 28.02.2010 19:56

Well I didn't tell anyone but a bird flew by,
Saw what I'd done,
He set up a nest outside,
And he sang about what I'd become,
He sang so loud, he sang so clear,
I was afraid all the neighbours would hear,
So I invited him in just to reason with him,
I promised I wouldn't do it again

But he sang louder and louder inside the house,
And now I couldn't get him out,
So I trapped him under a cardboard box,
Stood on it to make it stop,
Picked up the bird and the bird was dead,
And said that's the last song you'll ever sing,
Held him down, broke his neck,
Taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget

But in my dreams began to creep,
That old familiar tweet tweet tweet

I opened my mouth to scream and shout,
I waived my arms and flapped about,
But I couldn't scream and I couldn't shout,
Couldn't scream and I couldn't shout,
I opened my mouth to scream and shout,
I waived my arms and flapped about,
But I couldn't scream and I couldn't shout,
The song was coming from my mouth

From my mouth (x15)

[karpalo]rakastuin ehkä vahä. ♥Luonut: [karpalo]Lauantai 06.02.2010 19:19

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