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andreschristian155Luonut: andreschristianSunnuntai 14.05.2017 21:57

andreschristian129Luonut: andreschristianLauantai 21.01.2017 19:07

andreschristian99Luonut: andreschristianSunnuntai 29.05.2016 21:12

Nuuw electrou!


andreschristian83Luonut: andreschristianTiistai 08.12.2015 17:43

andreschristian77Luonut: andreschristianPerjantai 27.11.2015 21:43

Pienenpieni mashuppi, suurensuuri nimi ja tiukkaakintiukempi bileträkki! ;)

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mikozicnot too mainstream ;DLuonut: mikozicTorstai 26.04.2012 22:30

Today i'm gonna release my newest set at and i wonder how u like it ;) hopefully u all like it very much. =) the tracklist will be finished as soon as i write it :D . the mix called Ain't no party like this is a half an hour mix but i mixed about two hours so its just best part of it 'cos of soundclouds time limit and i think u dont wanna listen hours and hours in a row just one set :DD the released mix includes 12 tracks, electro music. some track are remixes from others so dont expect i done it all myself nonono i just mixed tracks together and added some effects =) so head on the dance floor and bounce like a crazy ;DDD enjoy. comment and like it ;)

( •_•)>⌐■-■
( •_•) "Woah.."

Arion - Internet Rebellion (Dubstep)

Noisestorm - Backlash (Dubstep)

Noisestorm - Let It Roar (Dubstep)

Obsidia - Illusion (Dubstep)

23 - Fresh (Dubstep)

Tristam - Who We Are (Dubstep)

Stephen Walking & Ephixa - Substance (Dubstep)

Varien - Throne of Ravens (Dubstep)

Tristam - Follow Me (Dubstep)

Krewella - Killin' It (Dubstep)

Kings of the City - Make Me Worse (Muzzy Remix) (Drumstep)

Muzzy - Dust Devil (DnB)

Varien- Mirrors (Drumstep)

Day One - Game Changer (Electro)

Noisestorm - Renegade (Electro)

Insan3Lik3 - Bad Pitched (Electro)

Matduke - Disco Dancer (Electro)

Mr Fijiwiji - Gina (DnB)

Tristam & Rogue - Pushed Away (Dubstep)

mikozicNew set out now!!Luonut: mikozicMaanantai 20.02.2012 00:40

I've been bored to do anything about mixing etc but now i get inspiration and here it is. =) If u have anything to say, dont fear about to say it. Thank you!! =) the track list is in desciption ;)
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