Dancing Your DreamsMaanantai 07.08.2006 03:24

A prima ballerina, that's what I want to be
When I dance and close my eyes
This is what I see


White feathers, princess crowns
Satin shoes , and gorgeous gowns
I'll be CINDERELLA and you can be a QUEEN
Spin on a snowflake or reach across moon beams
Bright as the starlight, or that's just how it seems
In the spotlight it's pure magic, dancing your dreams
To be a ballerina, takes more than I can say
Let's go ask someone who knows all about ballet


New York is the greatest place
There's so much to see
Broadway has the brightest lights
There's Miss Liberty
King Kong climbed the Empire State
Still the place for me
This is Lincoln Center, it's where I want to be


In the spotlight it's pure magic, dancing your dreams

Mun ja sinin lempi biisi xD

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