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1. I Love You, Not For Who
You Are, But For Who I Am
When I Am With You.

2. Nobody Deserves Your
Tears And Whoever Might
Deserve Them, Will Never
Make You Cry.

3. Simply Because Somebody
Doesn't Love You The Way
You Want, Does Not Mean
He/She Does Not Love You
With All His/Her Being.

4. A True Friend Is
Someone Who Takes Your
Hand And Touches Your

5. The Worst Way To Miss
Someone Is To Be Sitting
Next To Him/Her And To
Know That You Will Never
Have Him/Her.

6. Never Stop Smiling, Not
Even If You Are Sad,
Because You Never Know Who
Might Fall In Love With
Your Smile.

7. You May Be Only One
Person In The World, But
For Someone You Are The
Whole World.

8. Don't Spend Time With
Someone Who Is Not Willing
To Spend It With You.

9. Perhaps God Wants You
To Meet Many Of The Wrong
People Before You Meet The
Right One, So That When
You Finally Meet The One
You Will Know To Be

10. Don't Cry Because It's
Over, Smile Because It

11. There Will Always Be
People That Will Hurt You,
So Keep Having Faith And
Be Careful With Whom You
Trust Twice.

12. Make Sure That You
Know Who You Are Before
Meeting Somebody Else.
Don't Expect Someone To
Figure That Out For You.

13. Don't Try So Hard. The
Best Things Happen When
You Least Expect Them.

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