found the deep love inside
Well, woah! lol
I got into Naked *in my head always rings let's get naked and start a revolution*, it's so very catchy song as Mikael Nord Andersson once said :-) (even though it was 'bout 1st version of ITS, nevermind).
And how I got to know Naked? Simply, they were support for Uniklubi on 28-4-06 gig in Turku and have to say, they ROCKED!!!!
I liked it and so I found out more 'bout 'em so now I'm on Naked :-)
When I was browsing the biography, I got a note to my 'World is a small place =) ; Suomi is one big family' theme.
The bass player was a singer of Soul Relic and even came up with their name! SHOCK! I like more and more Soul Relic (esp. 7 & 10th song lol) and now this, cool!
And even Naked are supported by The 69 eyes much and they all are friends... how sweet. H.I.M. came out with Negative (on tour I mean) and stared to help them, now The 69 eyes help to Naked :-)
Like Ville once said: "H.I.M. are grandfathers, The Rasmus fathers and Negative are like sons."

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