found the deep love inside
I swear that if I could
I'd take it all
take it all away
all the sorrow and the pain

I'm not responsible
you always say
but you need your space
and this always ends the same

hey, is your heart still beating?
I can't stop the bleeding
I've lost you completely

hey, gather all the heartache
I'll hold it in my hand
just to lose it all again

if there's a bright side
to this suffering
can you help me see?
it's getting harder to believe

you always said this
would not last long
but it's gone on and on and on
and I just can't make it stop

they're right this time
I won't pretend to smile
because inside
I'm black and
I am hollow

this time you've
took this way too far

I'm sick
and tired
I'm black and
I am hollow

I'm trying to find
what's missing from my life
and the tables have turned
this life is only temporary

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