found the deep love inside
Lost myself in an endless goodnight
Kept the time by the patterns of the streetlight
Couldn't get it right
I could never get it right
Sadly, this is a wasted conversation
Lost on you, lost on you
This is a test of my patience
Your blue eyes are so cruel
I can't escape all the things we said
I've taken years off my life with the weight of regret
Now there's nothing left
There is nothing left to lose

Shouldn't I feel alive
I swear that I tried
To be alright
To sleep at night
Shouldn't I feel alive

The night fades with a breath of sunshine
I do my best to adjust to the morning light
I can't keep my place
Feels like I've been awake for days
Sadly, you turn away and now I'm faced
With the harsh truth, the harsh truth
My cold heart is a place where true love cannot bloom

There's static on the airwaves
I'll try to find the light through all this haze
I can't find the words that I'm trying to say
So try to forget me as I walk away
This band has perfect lyrics, totally fit the situation!!!!!!

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