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a dayKeskiviikko 25.11.2009 02:28

simple working things, like too many emails from suppliers because of the Thanks Giving Day they have shorter work week as well as we do, many emails I had to escalate to my supervisor because dunno what to do with the issues, then English lesson, a meeting with the manager of our whole company, my colleague has b-day so giving her a present, eating her delicious cakes, the train had delay, I didn't have time to do anything at home as planned, I washed just one tiny window, I ate Miso soup :P ate oat meal porridge with cinamon sugar and it was soooo delicious, listened to The Rasmus gig from yesterday when they played at school for their 15th anniversary and waiting for Thursday - a big day off in Brno, shopping and meeting time :P yaay

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