found the deep love inside

White Rose MovementTorstai 30.10.2008 00:59

Kick!!!!!!!! and Speeed!!!!!! are amazing!

TerySunnuntai 19.10.2008 01:25

quote: "he got completely lost in the chewing gum" ... :D :D :D

confused like hellLauantai 18.10.2008 02:26

oki, yesterday I've been to play billiards and I loved it (I was good in it, and it was my first time) but I'm confused since I got back to school (aka 6/10).
Tom acts like okey, fine, I can't be more than a great friend so I don't wanna be a friend anymore, it seems to me. He's fine, okey, we talk more then ever but still I feel like if I can't be his gf, it's useless for him to have me as a friend. And also another person my friend wanted to give him my phone number, I said fine because he has been to Skandinavia and so we would have something to talk about plus I love to get to know new people but then he told her that if I'm not single, he doesn't want to know me... okey now I feel like I'm not even worth for anyone as a friend even... but it's because those people are from Czech, Czech people have one or two friends and they don't need anyone else and if somebody is taken and they'd like to be just friends with him/her, they rather cancel it like if 'taken' would be a spell. HATE IT! In this Spaniards are much better and I miss it but whatever.
And I need a life but how, when? I dunno, I miss my sweetie in Finland and it's not the best time of the year for me now...+

Just listening: Automatic Eye - Scarecrow (loveee it), they help me a looot right now (or I'd be in depression)

Plus I have been to elections

quote: "I should go and find myself before I go and ruin someone else"

three bandsLauantai 11.10.2008 02:06

Jenni Vartiainen - reminds me of Grays
IAMX - my time in London
The Rasmus new album Black Roses - walking through autumn Helsinki

Czech helloLauantai 04.10.2008 14:10

yeah, long time ago (aka a week) I came back from UK and Finland, back to reality.
Well, it's amazing to be back home, to do nothing and just relax, it really keeps me alive but on the other hand, I miss London, Hanni, Suomi and people in there, everything.
And I'm desperately trying to take back my fault and find that person but no success, instead I found someone else who me and Mikka said: "These boys are good for watching but not for living!" (about those bad boys)
Reminds me to write some emails.
And I got back to my work, how much I missed it, these translation and web design, I can't wait to change my MySpace into some lovely IAMX theme, yay, because I can't miss their gig in Prague.
They are too precious to me to miss them.
On Monday I start my school again. I'm not looking forward to it but I miss my friends in that city and school so that's the only reason why I can't wait to get back plus it's the final year, everything will fly pretty fast and finally it will be over...
then, since Tavastia night last Friday, I decided (by many circumstances) that I need to live in Helsinki, I always love and miss that city and its people and I don't want to live in Czech so... now to find the way how to make it work (honestly I do not want to marry a millionaire, even though he's Finn :D).
take care You all and many thanks to my finnish family again, friends and one a bit closer person than them all :)

London goodbyeMaanantai 15.09.2008 12:53

On Saturday it was really my last time, it was sad and hard, but it was.
When I first came, I almost hated London, but throgh the time I fell in love with this city and its people. Not as much as with Helsinki, but big enough to make me cry when I was saying goodbye.

And here in St Albans for the first time, I really hated, the girl really doesn´t know how to make my stay here ´better´, I never say this even as a joke, but I said too many times ´kill her´ because I´ve enough of her.

It was always like this, once in a week, I could go to London, being free no problems, no thoughts, just me, London and some friends and especially Hanni. I love You for how You have been to me. There was noone else who could make me feel better in those hard times and so I almost cried (okey, I cry now) when we say goodbye. You know, it will never bet he same, this was a big part of my life which gone to waste, the only light moments were with You.
Never forget the last time sitting on the bus, it felt sooo lovely and I appreciate how loving person You are, and wonder how cold I can be (but not down there deep inside).

Guess that´s all about my London experience. I´ll never forget and get back asap.

heh dream againLauantai 13.09.2008 01:01

again about traveling to Tampere, this time me and three more people were on a rollercoster which took us straight to Tre, cool right
*rolling eyes* what will be next?

About 5/6. 9. Sunnuntai 07.09.2008 17:35

Heh, I´m still a bit in delirium from this weekend and even though I wanted to kill You Hanni because of where You forced me to stay, I loved it after all :D *evilist grin ever*
I feel like this whole experience tight us more together (like who can experience something like this, rarely someone, right?).
Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go to London, shall we switch those parts next time? :D
Well, I´m a good girl IN London :P

PS: I want to feel his skin again!

edit: a na tu nocni cestu nikda nezapomenu, stejne byl sladkej :P Joe i Jan

edit 2: a dik Hanni, zes ses o me bala, to bylo sladky, ale teda potom, co jsi me do toho zatahla :D

A dream - a nightmareSunnuntai 31.08.2008 02:57

which I had last week
I was fighting with a snake in a water (who bitten Emilie) and then a crocodile in my living room at home. I put a stick into his mouth so I probably won, but it seems to me like always fighting with Emilie and Stewart (crocodile), and now it´s also in my dreams

get me out of here!!!

Tampere dreamMaanantai 11.08.2008 21:12

was lovely, me and group of my friends (I didn´t know those people but in the dream they were my friends) were driving a boat from a hill (instead of river it was concrete road so it´s impossible :D), stopped in a field (which was I think cover with snow) and not very far away I´ve seen those manufacture buildings of Tre and I was so happy about being there (like exactly the same way in reality, when I´m in Finland) and mentioned something about that this city is famous for making matches :D
funny and lovely dream, seems like since the family is away and I´m all alone at home, I´m not scared but I can finally sleep peacefully and enjoy myself being alone in the house, I´m starting to love the house (and my beloved alarm, which protects me every night)