found the deep love inside

Anorectic - NegativeSunnuntai 17.09.2006 15:19

a damn amazing new album, worthy to pay the last money for buying it, I looooove it even though some songs remind me The 69 eyes and Entwine, it is totally incredible
cannot wait to see them

*still greetings from Hell-sin-ki*

dame - ponyTiistai 29.08.2006 21:48

erm...what to say...I like it...uups, I should like it, but I can't help myself, first I liked music, coz the voice of Emppu is a bit fragile and weak, but now, I like also her voice and the lyrics, I haven't read the lyrics yet, but I can say, it's a nice song :) glad I could hear it coz I was very interested what it will sound like

leaving youTiistai 29.08.2006 21:46

moi moi
I'm, I, just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving everything here and moving into another city in few days, actually I'm leaving on Sunday 3. 9. and believe me or not, I'm gonna miss every lil thing, every person, simply everything and I won't have an internet connection at last in the beginning so I won't be able to stay in touch which is too bad.
But I hope and wish you to have the time of your life, to enjoy everything and please, take care you all, kiitos, Ann

PS: ASA I have net back, will write to those ones who won't forget me.

Closer (my love)Lauantai 19.08.2006 21:18

I found out 'new' version of this song, I've always known the one on single but never the one on the album and it's OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I'm in love with that song again and again and again, it's, AMAZING it's better than the 'basic' version, it's more deeper and all that stuff

to Pee: but we won't go to that place now, but in 3 years (I mean for longer time) and then those people will change, everything will change and we might regret we haven't been living there now, I hope we both do the right thing

to do sacrificiesTorstai 17.08.2006 21:26

quote Lauri Ylönen: to make some moves, to do sacrificies, to break whatever you do and find your own way

well, I'm gonna do a huge sacrifice, I don't know where my decision will lead to but I have to choose and I sacrifice lovely time in Finland and go to school but I say, after the school, I will be able to go to Finland and try to find a work but now, I would go there, live few months in happiness and then, would have to go back and go to school anyway
as ali said, at least I will have summer holiday...

hehe we're gonna make it somehow, well, if you Jonne will help me, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make anything :)

happy nameday sweets

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 13.08.2006 14:01

tired, wasted? yes
happy? no
buuuut anyway, nice experience
and he is more wasted, tired and sad (what I'm not)

ah, just less than one month, but what after it? life is strange but beautiful in what will happen next

take care sweets, your rockin enkeli

:)Torstai 10.08.2006 19:21

I can't reach You and it's killing me...
well, sort of. it's an old line, from my fave song, but through all those years it has been true
I thought it's all gone, that sweet feeling, that craziness, that naivity but well, it seems like it's back again in more 'worse' way, in more deep way but nevermind, it's locked ... =)

ahhh...only two days and I'm gonna enjoy my time again, okey, maybe not the way I really want to, but still, I love rain but not on the festival :( seems like I will have to hide my camera but my old brain won't be able to remember the whole two days, my memory is too old to do that, so I really need my camera, please won't rain, it can rain all days long (sob, my shoes will be dirty again, ach jo) but not those 60 minutes

heh, let's see how it will be like, anyway, for the first time, I'm looking forward to go to Prague :O that's strange, maybe I'm looking forward the KFC fastfood, that's what we don't have in my hometown lol

so keep on rocking my dear friends and take care =)

PS: Good luck
soon you will know where this line belongs to, just buy the new Entwine album, I know it will be amazing one :D

Entwine new single SurrenderSunnuntai 06.08.2006 21:45

Oh, finallllllly, couldn't wait any longer, I can't say anything proper about it, I love the fresh sound, I heard the single just twice *gonna do that more times, don't worry* and I liiiike it and can't wait for the album (but cannot decide if I like it coz of fresh sound or what, so that's why I need more careful listening lol)

keep on rocking guys, koita pärjäillä :)

hihSunnuntai 30.07.2006 17:59

Too many things happened yesterday and today and I'm in love with my life again...
hehe it was fabulous and at the same time it was THE time of despair but hei, they saved me once again... how can even they know, how bad I felt that they made me so happy :D
but I have a headache but they probably too :P
gonna write a review, post vids and write an email too Lazy P... hope the keys are with him now!
hei, the life sucks most of the time but there are also great amazing fabulous fantastic experiences... I LOVE THEM