Alyssa Milano - You lied to meTiistai 11.12.2007 03:10

You said you needed me
I thought my dream came true
You said you wanted me
And I changed my world for you
I gave my heart to you
I pledged you everything
I proved my love for you
I even wore your ring

You promised that our love would never ever die
You promised that you'd never ever say goodbye

You lied to me - Played me for a fool
Had to learn the hard way
That you don't play by the rules
You lied to me - Boy you broke my heart
Should have seen it coming - Should have known it from the start
You lied to me

My friends would tell me
That you'd turn and walk away
I didn't listen to
The words they had to say
Your reputation proved
You only played for fun
The record clearly showed
You liked to hit and run

I trusted you and every single word you said
I trusted you - I should have run away instead


When I remember all the good times
And all the happiness we shared
If only love could last forever
If only you had really cared

You said you needed me
And I gave my heart to you
But you played me for a fool
You lied to me
You lied to me



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