Hell hath no fury...Tiistai 20.11.2007 16:16 a bunch of flatmates scorned.
The party on Saturday night- nothing broke, was stolen or damaged....well....actually...
basically, we had balloons and we wrote on them in permanent markers. that's ok :) but people got so fucking drunk you won't believe, and spilt alcohol on our floor. the alcohol drew the ink from the balloons and has stained the floor.
bleach won't remove it.
jack's vodka is doing a slight bit better.
we've agreed to chip in and buy some meths and some cillit bang... that's GOT to work. but fuck me, they'll have to replace our floor and fine us if we can't get it out.
We're not gonna pay.

in other news, it was Idiot Features' birthday yesterday. we celebrated a little bit, not as much as saturday, but you know :)
Anywho, some of us went to International Night. It sucked, Rob and Sean were so wasted that they spilt alcohol on me. and yeah.
early night.
then had to deal with Him going on about the girl he likes. I don't want to hear it.

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