[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 12.12.2007 16:48

We had a fire alarm at 8:50am this morning. Luckily I was up, but I had to sling on a pair of jeans, grab my coat/scarf, and make a dash for it. Others were less lucky- one of my flatmates wished me a good morning whilst his jeans were still undone. I didn't smirk. Much ^-^
So that was quite a bad omen.
Then it turns out, we've lost the house we liked- Mike dropped out yesterday, and Rob dropped out of living with Jamie/Alex/Sean, so now Murray's joining them. Which means we're up shit without a paddle until March. I'm fucking furious about it.
Then Thomas has left. He gave me chocolate last night as a present *sniffs*, and I went and saw him before I went to my Seminar (Lesson Planning). Had a chat, and I didn't cry *cheers* But I still feel fucking dreadful.
Was going to go to Clacton today, xmas shopping, but given that I have hardly any money.....there's no point- my friend owns a shop there (he used to be my boss), and so I was hoping to see if he's still around ^^ I dunno.
Went out with Äiti, Iskä and Jono last night. Made a twat out of myself by bursting into tears when they mentioned Finland, which I'm a bit embarrassed about....urgh. I dunno anymore -_-
Then, the absolute icing on my cake: I'm running out of food, 'cause somebody's taken 3 meals. I mean, WTF?!?! They trash the kitchen, they use my things and don't clean up, and now they've stolen my food. I've had enough of this.

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