voi eiMaanantai 27.11.2006 01:42

Well... I would write in Finnish, but I'm too tired to, so I'm afraid that this'll be in english. Not that many people, if any, would read this.

Over the last 3 weeks or so, I've not been 100% well. I'm having trouble with a lot of things, and they're bringing me down. My best friend is coming to Finland on Saturday, and so we're having a weekend in Tampere, even though I only live in valkeakoski.

I just don't feel as though I belong to anything. I mean, I have no real style, and I feel totally out of place. Everyone around me is so individual, and pretty, and everything that I'm not. I feel really self conscious out here, and I know that, being foreign is part of this. But....I dunno...

I want to be happier, to fit in, and to succeed at what i do.

I was supposed to go to Klubi tonight to see Private Line, and I had every intention of going, but when the time came to get ready, I just couldn't. I can't explain it. I suppose its because my friends are coming so soon, and I fear what they're going to make of what i've "achieved" in the last four months. Oh, I dunno.

I want someone to put a smile back on my face.

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