ch-ch-changes...Perjantai 30.11.2007 19:33

I'm starting to feel that I've changed maybe *too* much.
I'm no long excited about the same things that my friends are.
I have different interests, and priorities.
My attitude seems too mature, too moral, and too proactive.
And apparently, I'm a chav, because I wear 'mainstream' clothes, and listen to more than just rock music. That's the thing that hurts the most, because naming someone due to their clothes is immature, and quite frankly something I left largely behind in 6th Form.
I wear these clothes because they're comfortable, and I can afford them.
I listen to this music, because that is what I like at the moment.
I have this attitude because I got off my arse and went to Finland for a year, and had to grow up alot, and cope with things that some people are only just experiencing, or even that they haven't yet. My social circle consisted of people over the age of 21, and so perhaps that's why I think "too old" and act like an old person

Goth Nerd :DTorstai 29.11.2007 19:35

[x] Du besitzt ein Handy.
[x] Du besitzt etwas von H&M / C&A.
[x] Du besitzt etwas von Pimkie / Orsay / New Yorker etc.
[ ] Du besitzt Markenartikel (Dolce & Gabbana / Gucci / Chanel etc.).
[ ] Du gehst gerne shoppen.
[ ] Du magst MTV / Viva.
[ ] Du schaust gerne 'Sex and the City'.
[ ] Du wurdest schon einmal Schlampe genannt. Und es war ernst gemeint.
[ ] Du gehst regelmäßig ins Solarium.
[ ] Du achtest auf Mode / neue Trends.


[ ] Deine Lieblingsfarbe ist schwarz.
[x] Du liebst Rosen und Patchouli.
[x] Du liebst Lack / Leder / Spitze / Satin / Samt etc.
[x] Du hast schon einmal über den Tod oder/und Suizid nachgedacht.
[x]Du gehst gerne auf Friedhöfe.
[x] Du besitzt etwas von xtrax.
[x] Du trägst gerne viel Schmuck.
[x] Du hast schon einmal schwarzen Lippenstift getragen.
[ ] Du hasst die gesamte Menschheit.
[ ] Du bist Atheist / Satanist / stolzer Heide.


[ ] Du trinkst gerne Bier.
[ ] Du magst Kariertes.
[ ] Du magst Nieten.
[x] Du hasst Kommerz.
[ ] Du hasst Autorität.
[x] Du hast / hattest / willst blaue, pinke, rote, lila oder grüne Haare.
[ ] Du verprügelst gerne Neo Nazis / "Gangstas".
[ ] Du trägst Doc Martens
[x] Du hast Piercings
[ ] Du bist immer / oft betrunken.


[x] Du liebst Computer.
[x] Du liebst Bücher.
[ ] Du magst Harry Potter.
[x] Du musst eine Brille tragen.
[x] Du bekommst oft gute Noten.
[x] Du schleimst dich gerne bei Lehrern ein.
[x] Es ist dir egal wie du aussiehst.
[x ] Du machst immer deine Hausaufgaben.
[ x] Du lernst gerne.
[ ] Du fehlst nie in der Schule.


[x ] Du bist oft traurig / frustriert.
[ ] Du besitzt eine Brille mit dicken schwarzen Rändern.
[x] Du magst Punkte / Streifen / Sterne etc.
[ ] Du weinst schnell.
[ ] Du hasst es Emo genannt zu werden.
[ ] Du willst / trägst mindestens ein Lippenpiercing
[ ] Du hast schonmal ein trauriges Gedicht geschrieben und besitzt ein Tagebuch.
[ ] Du hast ein aufwendiges MySpace Layout.
[x] Deine Haare sind / waren schwarz gefärbt.
[x] Du hast/hattest blonde, pinke, lila oder rote Strähnchen / Extensions.


[ ] Du liebst Autos.
[ ] Du magst goldene / silberne Panzerketten.
[ ] Du warst / bist in einer Gang.
[ ] Du kannst rappen / Breakdancing.
[ ] Du trägst Baggypants und T-Shirts, die zu groß sind.
[ ] Du trägst deine Schirmkappe schräg auf dem Kopf.
[ ] Du sagst mehrmals am Tag "Yo" / "Alter" / "krass" / "Ich schwör".
[x] Du weißt, dass Tupac und Biggy tot sind.
[ ] Du benutzt nie Kopfhörer, selbst wenn du unter Leuten Musik hörst.
[x] Du gestikulierst viel während du redest.


[x] Du liebst laute Musik.
[ ] Du magst Bandanas.
[ ] Du mochtest / magst die Ninja Turtles.
[ ] Du trainierst deine Muskeln.
[ ] Du trägst fast immer ein Bandshirt.
[ ] Viele Leute haben Angst vor dir.
[ ] Der Moshpit ist dein Zuhause.
[ ] Du hast ein Tattoo an der Wade.
[ ] Du trägst Flesh Tunnels.
[ ] Du trägst die Kapuze deines Pullis meistens / gerne auf dem Kopf. HESA style *löl*

Tussi: 3
Goth: 7
Punk: 3
Nerd: 8
Emo: 4
Gangsta: 2
Hardcore: 1

i hate him, i hate him, i hate him!!Tiistai 27.11.2007 16:29

i'm absolutely exhausted. I've only had 4 hours sleep last night, which is bad times all round. I overslept by an hour, thus missed my TEFL lecture :-/ I'm angry that I'm overslept. But I'm angrier still, that I allowed myself to do it. My attitude to my studies is quite frankly at the moment dreadful, and I really need to get my arse into gear and change things. I've made some amends- in that I actually worked over the weekend to meet deadlines etc etc. But that still leaves alot to be desired.

Pav and James persuaded me to go out with them last night. It was a free event, so I didn't really begrudge it in that sense. But it wasn't the liveliest of nights, and it was made worse by the arrival of some of James' friends- including the delightful Becky and Fiona. I'm sure that they're nice enough, but I really don't approve of the way that Becky's treating Mike, who I feel very protective over, and as for the other girl, she was all over James, which wasn't my idea of fun.
But using the crap night as our excuse, Pav and I left the club and returned back to the flat, and ended up sitting in the kitchen with Ade and having a chat, which is really nice, 'cause we don't really talk to him much, but he is actually a really sound guy- he's got a fantastic work ethic, is mature, and is also really sensible, which makes a change from some of the other flatmates, not that I have anything against them. Noh, in fact the total opposite is true: I love and respect them all dearly!

But yeah. Just as I was getting ready for bed, James came home. First I knew of it, was when he knocked on my door as I was about to walk into the kitchen. He wanted to talk to me, because Sean was trying to pull Fiona. Heh. Like I give a flying monkey's about that?! Grrr. But yeah, he didn't bother in the end, and then we all sat in the kitchen talking. Then everyone went to bed, but I couldn't actually sleep.
Neither could James though, so he came and hung out in my room for a while...and I'm starting to think that he didn't leave until shortly before 5, 'cause we were talking way past 4am 'cause I remember commenting about it...which means he would have left around 4:45 o.O fucking hell. That explains the tiredness.

Had quite an ok conversation, although I did get a little riled towards the end, as he was in my bed. Fiend. But yeah, he persuaded me to miss my lecture today, which was bad times. Bad bad times. And OMG. I really am starting to lose my patience with him...slating guys I like, teasing me about things... I'm sick of being seen as one of the guys, rather than the girl that I am. You know?
I went early yesterday evening to the shop with Mike, and he said something and I said "you shouldn't say that in front of a lady", to which he replied "but you're just one of the guys." And that hit me like a smack in the face.

What's it gonna take for people to see me as a girl?!

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 27.11.2007 04:29

mä vihaan, että mä tykkään hänestä niin kauheasti. Se tarkoittaa, että kun hän on tytön kanssa, mä oon tosi kateellinen. aina. mutta herranjumala, miks TOI tyttö?!
Noh, tänä iltana, mentiin klubiin. Se oli siellä tylsää (niin mä oon nyt kotona). Mutta hän sanoi meille "no, odota vähän- älä mee!" o...k.... niin odotimme. ja odotimme. sitten hän sanoi, "toi tyttö on tulossa..." Uh-oh. En tykkää hänestä, kun hän nimittelee mua kun en ole paikalla, ja oikeasti, hän on kauhea. Voin sanoa sama hänen ystävästä- mun kaveri mike tykkää toinen tytöstä, ja hän "tykkää" hänestäkin...tai, ainakin kun hän halua *rolleye* hänellä on 2 pojat... mike, ja toinen poika. mike ei ole ok tästä, mut hän ei sanoo mitään hänelle, niin hän uskoo, että se on ok. Grrrrr.
Sitten kun oon mike tai jarmon kanssa, mä pitäisi kuulla, miten he ovat onneton yms yms. niin, kun kello on 3 aamulla, en halua kuulla sitä, se EI OO MUN ONGELMANI, mutta en voi sanoa mitään kun he ovat mun ystäviäni -___- prkl. Vihaan siitä, ja en voi uskoa, että aina se on samaa tilanne- always the bridesmaid, never the bride. <suru>
heh! mull on nyt violetit tukat :D
ens lauantaina oon menossa Nottinghamiin The 69 Eyesin katsomassa :D:D:D:D:D

English for residents of Flat 12Lauantai 24.11.2007 15:26

How about that?
Good times
Bad times
Cool beans! See you around! x x
Yeah bwoi!

....and many many more ^-^

uh-oh, here come's trouble...Perjantai 23.11.2007 23:45

voi vitsi.
Tänä yönä on Chav Night klubilla ^-^ jippii! oon menos sinne muuten kanssa, ja bailataan!!!
Se olisi ihan mahdollinen, et James voi nukkua mun sängyssä taas o.O
Noh, ainakin se OLI. Mä oon saanut viesti Markilta jotka lukee, et hän on tulossa yliopistoon.
Bugger bugger and bugger

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 22.11.2007 14:42

nukuin viime yönä mun naapurin kanssa. hän vielä nukkuu mun sängyssäni, ja en ole mennyt kurssiin tänä aamuna. olenko mä kauhea :-O
Nukuimme klo 7 aamulla- 10, ja hän normaalisesti nousee klo 12.

paras hetki oli, kun hän kysyi multa, kuka mä tykkään o.O eiks oo helppoa nähdä että mä tykkään hänestä?!?!?!?!? voi -___-

Footy footy footy!!Tiistai 20.11.2007 20:11

Tuesday is 5-aside day for the boys of Flat 12.
They lost today 4-1. Not as good as last week, but better than the first match (21-0 to the opposition)
It's bloody raining again too. Yay.
And I had a German test....first I knew about it was when I was given the exam paper.....ähm, scheiss ^^ yeah....but I'm confident that it wont be as bad as my French exam- 22.5% :D Absymal, even by my poor standards <3

I'm making Fudge today <3<3<3
And then James is buying me dinner. Chinese Food is the best :D

Hell hath no fury...Tiistai 20.11.2007 16:16 a bunch of flatmates scorned.
The party on Saturday night- nothing broke, was stolen or damaged....well....actually...
basically, we had balloons and we wrote on them in permanent markers. that's ok :) but people got so fucking drunk you won't believe, and spilt alcohol on our floor. the alcohol drew the ink from the balloons and has stained the floor.
bleach won't remove it.
jack's vodka is doing a slight bit better.
we've agreed to chip in and buy some meths and some cillit bang... that's GOT to work. but fuck me, they'll have to replace our floor and fine us if we can't get it out.
We're not gonna pay.

in other news, it was Idiot Features' birthday yesterday. we celebrated a little bit, not as much as saturday, but you know :)
Anywho, some of us went to International Night. It sucked, Rob and Sean were so wasted that they spilt alcohol on me. and yeah.
early night.
then had to deal with Him going on about the girl he likes. I don't want to hear it.