Earthquake!!Keskiviikko 27.02.2008 12:07

Read in the news this morning that, shortly before 1am last night, we had an earthquake! AND I think that I actually felt it!!! I'd finished watching a documentary at 00:50, got up, went to the bathroom, and whilst "on the throne" everything was wobbling. I thought that I was just having one of my bloody blood pressure wobbles, but it might not be!!! OMG!

5.1 on the Richter Scale!
Finnland, Finnland über alles... *cough*

Niin, menin suomeen viime viikonloppuna :D rakastin sen, vaikka ilmaa oli paska. Menin Leggin kanssa helsinkiin, ja tapasin vanhat ystävät, ja uudetkin, ranskasta ja italiasta :D keikka oli mun mielestäni kiva :) tykkäsin Flinchistä ja Heijasteesta, mutten tykkäsi Rogue Angelista. No no no.
Mutta joo, mentiin perjantaina eläintarhaan :D
Se on surullinen etten nähnyt monia ihmisiä jonka tunnen, mutta toivottavasti next time? :D

Kunnes Löydän SinutTiistai 05.02.2008 12:41

The B-Side to Taivas Tähtiverhoineen.

It is without doubt, the BEST Flinch song that I've ever heard. It beats even Liikaa and En Tahdo Lopettaa- LIVE!! That's how good it is. I like it alot- the vocals are strong, confident, and there's a clearness that lacks in the other songs. I really love it.
I wish I could sing like that.

OMG!Maanantai 04.02.2008 17:41

I'm coming to Finland in just a few days! I'm SO excited. You guys have snow, and I'm gonna go to the Zoo at Helsinki 'cause my stupid flatmates don't want to go the zoo here in Colchester/Camolodunum

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 30.01.2008 23:26

1. What's so good about the person you like?
1) I'm not so sure at the moment. He seems to be on a slippery slope :-/
2) We get on fantastically, and wind the others up by speaking another language ^^

2. So where's your dad?
He's taken my brother to Air Cadets, and gone shopping.

3. Do you drive yet?

4. How do you feel about racism?
Whatever. It shouldn't happen, but unfortunately it does.

5. Who's the sexiest person alive?

6. Who was the last person you talked to on MSN or AIM?

7. Name a song that reminds you of old memories?
Liikaa - Flinch
Memories- Within Temptation
Time is running out- Muse

8. Do you like the color gray?

9. Is there someone you really can't stop thinking about?

10. Look outside, how's the weather outside?
Quite cold.

11. Are you jealous of anyone right now?
Yes >.<

12. Did you ever think someone didn't like you, but came find out they really did once it was to late?

13. Last time you didn't tell the truth?
No idea.

14. Name something great that happened today.
I got all my chores done.

15. Do you regret doing something today?

16. When you think of the rainbow, what pops in your head?

17. Do you believe in aliens?

18. Where would you like to be?
I don't know. I'm quite happy where I am :'D

19. What is the worst thing your parents could do to you?

20. Have you been happy recently?
Today I've been really good.

21. Do you like receiving balloons on your birthday?
Yeah :D

22. Math, English, Science, or Social Studies?

23. What are you currently listening to?

24. Do you have Limewire?

25. Is lying ever acceptable?
No, but it is sometimes necessary

27. Name someone who has turned your life around at some point of time.
Not a clue right now to be honest.

28. How's your heart lately?

29. The person you dislike gets killed by a train, how do you react?
I'd be really sad, because nobody deserves to die.

30. Who is always on your mind no matter what?
No one.

31. Was today a good day?
The best of 2008 :)

32. Name a class that you really dislike?

33. Who's number one on your top?

34. Do you collect anything?

35. Who's the biggest gossiper you know?
My flatmates

36. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
In Cologne, February 2006

37. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
Not that I remember

38. What does your last text message say?

39. Do you like hot sauce?

40. Last time you took a shower?
This morning.

41. Do you need to do laundry?
Nope. Did it all today

42. What is your heritage?

43. Are you someone's best friend?

44. Are you rich?
Not by any means

45. What were you doing at 12AM last night?

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.01.2008 17:47

Lotta sanoo: Hehe... sä oot ainut ulkomaalainen, jonka oon tavannu, joka tykkää salmiakista :)

:'D <3

haluuks kukaan jotain tuonut englannista ens viikoa?!

jag gå till Tammerfors ihan kohta :'DTiistai 22.01.2008 00:23

jag talar inte svenksa :D

So yeah... I have now Brown hair... hot, huh?! These are my female flatmates :)

friday nights.Lauantai 19.01.2008 01:48

ugh. en tykkaa perjantaista. oon menossa myohemmin klubiin naapureiden kanssa yms yms. urgh. no, tana iltana on taas toi School disco iltaa. hetkella ma oon jamesin huoneessa, se peli n64a, ja niin istun tietokoneella :D jade, tyto jotka asuu jamesin vierella on hanen huonessa. tiian sen, kun en kuule mun musiikki (basshunter, flinch) heh. ma luulen, et han on kannissa. huomenna tulee hanelle krapula XD no joo... kuulen nyt Kernkraft 400:n "Zombie Nation". yeah i do :) hehehe, toi tietokone on outoo kun silla ei oo suomen aakoset *sniff*

james sanoo "ma luulen etta ma en tykkaa uniklubista kun ne soittavat suomeksi... jos ymmartaisin bandia, niin ehka mulle he voivat kuulla kuin radioheadia." o.O mita?!?! oon nyt varma, et han on tyhma XD mutta han on just sanonut, etta han ostaa mulle tana iltana juomia. tiesin etta rakastan hanta XD

OHOH!! se kuule ihan kuin tytot menevat nyt minne muut kuin asuntolaa :D

what's the point?Keskiviikko 16.01.2008 18:32

Days like this make me wonder if it's worth it :'(

How much is too much?Lauantai 12.01.2008 05:21

I have 4,052 more words to write for my assignments. Yes!
I almost had a heart attack earlier this evening. I managed to write up to 1000 words of my Sociolinguistics assignment, and then I went out with my parents and brother to the supermarket. When I returned home, the file I was working on had renamed itself, and changed its extension. I couldn't save it, and so I thought that I was back to square one- I'd worked really hard to catch up with this, because, although I really enjoy Sociolinguistics, I don't really understand it very well, which has led to problems when doing assigmnments- I mean, how can you write 3,000 words about something you don't get?! Heh.

Anyway, after much panicking, I resigned myself to having to start the essay again :-/ Then, my parents persuaded me to check on the main computer, using my memory stick, and surprise!!!!! The file was saved to that... visible on the main computer, but invisible to me. I was quite angry by this point, as I'd wasted time worrying over nothing.


So now, I'm sitting up at 0120, dosed up on ProPlus, a caffeine pill which fights tiredness. I'm starting now to tire, but I have to keep going. I have 1,052 more words to write on this essay, and then I can relax, and make a start on TEFL (which I intend to write all day Saturday, and all night, thru to Sunday morning).

The essays are due in at 4pm on Monday, which means I'm in a race against the clock to get things done.

And then, once they're all signed in and finished, I have to make a start on a 10 minute presentation about German rock music.... jippiiiiiiiiiiii -_-