HistoryPerjantai 24.08.2007 04:20

1. Name: Joanne
2. Current Nicknames: Mooni, Jo-Lou, Jo
3. Birthday: 6th May
4. Place Of Birth: England
5. Zodiac Sign: Taurus
6. Male Or Female: Female
7. Grade: about to start Uni!
8. School: ex-chantry
9. Occupation: future-student.
10. Residence: Ipswich. With the family.
11. Screen Name: Mooni MMW

~~ Your Appearance ~~

12. Hair Colour: Blonde
13. Hair Length: getting longer
14. Eye Colour: Green
15. Weight: 8 stone :-D
16. Height: 5foot 5
17. Braces?: Nope
18. Glasses?: Yeah
19. Piercings?: Some
20. Tattoos?: No
21. Righty or Lefty?: Righty

~~ Your 'Firsts' ~~

22. First Best Friend: Stacie-Ann Dilkes
23. First Award: Neatness.
24. First Sport You Joined: PE Lessons.
25. First Pet: Hamster
26. First Real Vacation: Cornwall, aged 3months
27. First Concert: My own ^^
28. First fight: Never

~~ Favourites ~~

29. Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
30. TV Show: The Jeremy Kyle Show
31. Colour: Pink
33. Band: Uniklubi ^^
34. Song Right Now: Myrkky
35. Friend: I love all my friends equally!
36. Candy: Creme Eggs
37. Sport To Play: Bowling
38. Restaurant: Chinese Restaurants!
39. Favorite Brand To Wear: H&M
40. Store: H&M
41. School Subject: Languages
42. Animal: Hedgehog. Possu <3<3
43. Book: WWI Testimonies
44. Magazine: Glamour/Cosmo... you know, T-r-a-sh-y

~~ Currently ~~

46. Feeling: quite psychotic :D
47. Single Or Taken?: single
48. Have A Crush: Oh jesus christ yeah
49. Eating: Nothing
50. Drinking: Amé, non-alcoholic wine.
51. Typing: This
52. Online?: Yeah
53. Listening To: some documentary about transsexuals
54. Thinking About: Going to bed
55. Wanting To: go back to Finland.
56. Watching: documentary about transsexuals.
57. Wearing: Jeans and t-shirt.

~~ Your Future ~~

58. Want Kids?: Yeeh 2 or 3
59. Want To Be Married?: Yes
60. Careers In Mind: Translator, Interpreter, Music Promoter, Archaeologist, Teacher
61. Where Do You Want To Live: Scandinavia
62. Cars: I don't want a car.

~~ Best About The Opposite Sex ~~

63. Hair Colour: Blonde, brunette
64. Hair Length: Short to mid-length. I prefer slightly longer haired guys.
65. Eye Colour: Blue or brown
66. Measurments: ??
67. Cute Or Sexy: Cute AND sexy.
68. Lips Or Eyes: Lips
69. Hugs Or Kisses: Both
70. Short Or Tall: taller than me
71. Easygoing Or serious: Easygoing
72. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Spontaneous
73. Fatty Or Skinny: 'normal'
74. Sensitive Or Loud: sensitive
75. Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship
76. Sweet Or Caring: Caring
77. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant One: Both

~~ Have You Ever...? ~~

78. Kissed A Stranger: Yes
79. Had Alcohol: Yes, but I developed an allergy
80. Smoked: No
81. Ran Away From Home: Not really, no.
82. Broken A Bone: None of my own.
83. Got An X-ray: Yes
84. Been With Someone: Yes
85. Broken Someones Heart: Apparently.
86. Broke Up With Someone: Yes, yes.
87. Cried When Someone Died: of course
88. Cried At School: yes

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 23.08.2007 02:01

"no, voiks me puhutaan meidän rektemmesta?"
"no, emme tänä yönä- pelin The sims."

priorities, priorities ô.Ô

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 20.08.2007 15:38

"Jo... what's the spanish for 'I'm vegetarian'?"
"Erm, soy vegetariano."
"Hahaha. Now really, what is it?"
"Soy vegetariano."
"Get a bloody phrasebook, ffs!"


So, Flump's in Spain, and she doesn't speak Spanish. Neither do I, but she asks anyway. Then, when I tell her what she wants to know, she doesn't believe me, because the word is so blooming obvious.

Thank fuck we don't have to speak Cornish next week in Cornwall. however... Ass yw euthek an gewer! (the weather is terrible!) I figured I'd cut my losses- the weather most certainly aint gonna be very nice, so why bother learning niceties?

I'm hoping to squeeze in a little bit of Finnish practice in, y'know, what with my aunt being there etc etc. Saw some pictures today of where we're going. Looks ok when its sunny....

Meh. I've been up today since 8am. Filthy unsociable hour, n'est pas? I am expecting a call from Essex University, regarding my application. I'm praying that they'll accept me through clearing. Whether they do, or not, it should hopefully allow me to get on with my life and try and move forward from this point on....

Only <3Maanantai 06.08.2007 19:39

Music: Samu Haber, Jukka Backlund
Lyrics: Samu Haber

You say the ride is over
You want to leave the road behind
Till the day you walked away
You made the world be all mine

I'll be cool 'though it gets colder and colder
I'll be fine cause it's not over

Cause my dreams are all blind
They take me back to our time
And make you be mine only
Let me leave tears behind
I dry them only for you
And make you be mine only

All the finest moments
Should come back to where they were
My eyes they can't find someone else
They only want you to be mine

I'll be cool 'though it gets colder and colder
I'll be fine cause it's not over

Cause my dreams are all blind
They take me back to our time
And make you be mine only
Let me leave tears behind
I dry them only for you
And make you be mine only

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 04.08.2007 16:33

I have SUCH a caffeine hangover!! It feels like Slipknot are playing Basshunter covers in my head.
So glad I don't drink :D

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lauantai 04.08.2007 01:27



o.oPerjantai 03.08.2007 16:48

no, mun paras ystäväni kertoi just, että 3 ihmisiä sen perheessä otavat huumeita joka päivä. oon nyt vihainen...kaikki tietää että mä vihaan huumeita, ja nyt tietää että hän ottaa niitä joka päivä on.... en tiiä mitäs sanoa. ehkä onglema on minun, mutta kun se ottaa huumeita, miten voin olla sen ystävä?! mä rakastan häntä, mutta huumeita ja alkoholia on l-i-i-k-a-a :-(

A thousand nails in my heart...Perjantai 03.08.2007 03:05

I was listening earlier to my CD-collection, and the song by Negative gave me the inspo for the title of this blog.

I've been back in the UK for 2 months now apparently, although it feels like forever.
The job situation is a no-go. I don't speak polish or portuguese... though it seems like most of Ipswich does these days....

And I can't relate to my friends. I love them dearly, but I just can't deal with them at the moment- they're too full-on for my liking, and it's so hard to relax. I feel like I've changed so much, and that now we haven't got so much in common. It's a scary feeling.

The situation with my parents isn't much better either. When I was living in Finland, I got on really well with my whole family. Now I'm back at home though, it's a different story. My sister acts as though she hates me, and half the time it seems that way with my parents too.
I've lost my independence, and my confidence. I've spoken to a couple of people about it. And it seems as though I shouldn't have moved back in....and as much as I want to move out, I couldn't right now...

No voi, oon tulossa tampereelle syyskussa ystävän kanssa...odotanko mä siitä? hetkellä, en ole varma, kun mä tarvin olla rauhassa, mutta kun ystäviä halua vain puhua joku bändistä, en mä jaksa......

ohi onTorstai 02.08.2007 22:37

the end of an era :-s

plans have fallen thru yet again. This, I feel, is something that the Romans called "Annus horribilis" (Horrible Year). Now I'm left wondering what the hell to do with my life. I'm obviously not meant to be where I want to be, but I don't want to be here. I can't deal with the fighting and the tears, and I need some freedom.
I'm in the mood, to spin the globe, and head where it stops.