you know if you are the onePerjantai 23.11.2007 15:35

I know you've heard these words

A hundred other times before

And you've been hurt and so

Your heart has chose to close the door

Love broke your heart

And brought you lies

Look in my eyes

You'll see a love that's deep and true

Tender and strong

And all for you

You can trust this love

Honest that's the honest truth


>From my heart

I'm giving you everything(everything)

>From my heart

I promise you that I'll be there(I'll be there to love you)

>From the soul

I'm showing you all I feel(all I feel is..)

>From my heart

>From the heart...


I will protect you

And respect you

And be all you need

And when you reach for love

You only need to reach for me

These arms will never let you down

They're staying around

I'll help you through every storm

I'll keep you safe

I'll keep you warm

And you'll have no doubt

You're the one I'm living for



I'll provide the love you need

Just trust my touch

Believe in me

I'll never make you cry

Giving all I got with..all I've got is...

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