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Pick the month you were born:

January- I murdered
February- I slapped
March- I had sex with
April- I looked at
May- I masturbated with
June- I slept with
July- I laughed at
August- I stabbed
September- I shot
October- I made love to
November- I wrestled
December- I crapped

Now pick the day of your birth

1. A prostitute
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend
3. A Woman with HIV
4. A sexy Girl
5. Santa Clause
6. A playboy bunny
7. A married mom
8. My stuffed bunny
9. Your mom
10. The Easter Bunny
11. A football player
12. The devil
13. An asian
14. My teacher
15. The Rock
16. A DVD player
17. A porn Star
18. The phone
19. My computer
20. Your house
21. The tape measurer
22. The Lamp
23. The pope
24. Governor Swartenegar
25. Mr. Incredible
26. A transvestite
27. A pencil sharpener
28. Your hot sister
29. George Bush
30. A tape recorder
31. The printer

Now the THIRD letter of your LAST name

A- Because I like chocolate
B- Because I was bored
C- Because my pants were on too tight
D- Because Fruit cakes fly
E- Because my heart is two sizes too small
F- Because I didn't get any presents for Christmas
G- Because I like eggs
H- Because the world will end tomorrow
I- Because I slit my wrists
J- Because I don't have a bf/gf
K- Because I like football
L- Because I was high
M- Because I was drunk
N- Because my mom told me to
O- Because I'm a homosexual
P- Because I'm lonely
Q- Because my parents fight a lot
R- Because I'm horny
S- Because I want to commit suicide
T- Because I hate school
U- Because I need to masturbate
V- Because I love slumber parties
W- Because it calms me
X- Because I like brownies
Y- Because I like to spoon
Z- Because I was drunk

I looked at the phone because I´m horny. :D

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