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If you've got short hair put your hands up, if you've got short hair make noise, if you're confused about Finnish men put your hands up, if you're confused about Finnish men make noise.

::clearing my throat::

I, Homegirl the Bling Bling Pimp, feel moved to write this as I have heard some horrific stories and experienced a few of my own in the past months.

As I had expressed before, it is a dangerous and brave thing to approach a man alone, as you may become disoriented. This works in both ways. You may become disoriented, forgetting why YOU approached them in the first place (as stated in previous entries) but you may also fall into what is called what-just-happened-o-phobia, or develop a form of perpetual SMS:ing.

In the event of the later, the man in question (studies have shown 95% of which happen to be Finnish and extremely good looking) will in fact treat you like the godess that you are for a period of approximately 5-7 days (studies have also resulted in shorter periods.) This does in fact include sms:ing, meetings; dates if you will; sexual intercourse (without you sneaking out in the morning) ;) cuddling, and holding hands/touching hair etc.

At the end of this 5-7 day period, is the onset of the what-just-happened-o-phobia. Do not panic. Panicking will only result in this perpetual SMS:ing. The man in question will cut contact and will either act like nothing happened or push away with phrases like "I don't want a girlfriend" or "we should take a break." This is a growing disease and many advances have been made in a cure.

As of December 2007, the most effective way to medicate this disease is to find a much uglier-but sweeter- guy and to surround yourself with Robyn music for no less than 3-4 days. Feel free to start using the hot guys again after two weeks. -haha.

For more information and support please visit this website: (not a real site... yet... buah ha ha ha.)

Cheers! Now let's drink!
<3 Homie and Babycakes.

hahahahahahahahhahaha.. how's that Mapsi? not my best.. but I think we'll all appreciate it.. ha.

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