...Tiistai 04.09.2007 21:28

Happiness is a funny thing. We all want it. We all hope for it. But how many of us have it? After all, it's not something you can just hop out to the store and pick up when you run out of it.

PerkelePerjantai 15.06.2007 00:32

Saatanan helvetti

Michael Henry McBrain kertoo vitsinLauantai 21.04.2007 03:50

"Eddie was very unfortunate. He was born without a body. So nevertheless his parents loved him dearly, and took him home, and placed him on a mantlepiece one day. Well, his family gave him lots of love and attention, and he always got loads of presents on his birthday, kind of...*augh*...blowing things and, an axe and all that kind of stuff. *Weaugh*, I mean...anyway, one year he was about sixteen, and the hospital contacted his parents and they said to said 'look..uh, due to modern technology and all those good things that we can do with, you'now, all this stuff nowadays, we're now.. we're now able to build Eddie a body'. So, with this his parents, they were so exited, they couldn't believe it. And they couldn't wait to tell Eddie, I mean this is it you know, 'Eddie's gonna have a body' *weehaa*. However, as it close to his birthday, they decided to tell the doctors to go ahead and build his body. And then they would surprise him, and, you know, it weren't far from his birthday *whispering*, *good birthday present*. Two weeks later, THE BIG DAY ARRIVED!!. YES, Eddie's birthday, so his parents goes up to 'im, and they kinda walk up to the mantlepiece, " 'ello Eddie, how ya doin' "."This year is gonna be the best birthday yet"."Have we got something for you, such a wonderful present". And his Mom's goin' all, "Oh godness Eddie, we're so pleased". And Eddien Goin' "*Augh* Oh no", said Eddie, "Not another fucking hat!!!". (*Hahahahaha*, Oh, the whole thing's so funny, it is it's pretty good i'nt it.) "

VerjnuarmuTorstai 25.01.2007 00:34

On mutasta velliä pellot täännä ja työhevosen valjaattii poekki
Et vittu sitä paskoo millään kiännä, taetaa tuoni korjata kaekki

DumdidumKeskiviikko 10.01.2007 23:43

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