I woke up tired in my bed in the morning and a girl, who had slept with me was gone. I started to think about my first true love. I stood up from the bed, I walked into the bathroom and I looked at my face in the mirror and I wondered will anyone ever love me.
I went to take a shower and after it I went to kitchen and I didn't wonder that the girl hadn't left any note to me, I made myself my regular morning coffee. I didn't even realize that I had started to drink it, I was so deep in my memories. But all of a sudden I woke up when the doorbell rang, it was just the mailman who said that there was a letter from the gasworks, they say that they will cut the gas if I don't pay my bills. I was so depressed that I decided to go and see a movie.
When I walked down the street at that cold winter morning, I saw little kids playing in the snow. I was little bit of jealous to them, they didn't have any kind of problems when running and laughing in the snow, I wished for a little while that I would be a kid also again.
I continued my walk to the cinema, I was so depressed and sad when I bought the ticket from the booth. But all the sudden when I was looking around the hall, a warm and happy feeling struck in my body. I searched the reason for the feeling, and then I saw it just in the front of me, there was the most beautiful girl in the world I had ever seen. She had a short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes behind the glasses. She was so beautiful that I stayed there for a moment just looking at her.
But when she went to buy also a ticket I went to sit at the back of the theater. After a moment that beautiful girl sat on my left side and I stared at her for a moment, when she realized that I was there, she smiled at me when she noticed that I stared at her with almost my mouth open. I realized the same thing so I shut my mouth and introduced myself, I got to know that this girls name is ....... .
We had a long chat about us, after the movie we went outside of the theater and she gave me her number so that I could call her.
In just a two months I realized that I have got more selfconfidence and wealth, I think that I can do almost anything. I started to date ........ and my lifestyle has gone out of the roof.
After a half a year, I have been doing great, I'am still with ........... and we have bought an apartment in a suburb. I got a job in the gasworks I even have been promoted to leader of the section.
And one day when I was coming home from work I went to a jewelrystore, because I was going to ask ........ to marry me, so I had a beautiful diamond ring that I had spent all my savings in. But when I thought everything was at the best point, destiny got in the game.
When I was on the highway, I got overun by the truck. My car got crushed all around and I was stuck inside. When I was lying under the huge truck, I could only think of ......... and our time together. But maybe this is just my destiny, my anguished destiny.
I just saw my vision fading and the last thing I saw was her beautiful face, the girl who I was about to marry. But then after those visions I got carried away to heaven to hell I don't know but somewhere else.

You can decide the name to ........ places as you like,tell me also the names you want there and think are good to story

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