LostSunnuntai 08.03.2009 03:21

I hope that you are happy now, I hope that someday you find someone worthy of your love, now I know that somebody isn't me, I hope you find someone that you feel safe and happy with, now I know that person isn't me, I hope you find someone who can protect and take care of you, now I know that I'am not that person, I hope that you find someone who you truly love, now I know that it isn't me...

When I was with you, I felt myself whole and that someone needed and cared about me, now I feel myself empty and worthless

I don't want to live my life without you...
I know when I'm not needed, so I know when to back down...
Part of my world collapsed when I heard your answer...
I have a dreams, but I want to get rid of those dreams because they hurt me, but I can't get rid of them because you are in them

I wanted to experience with you all the things what were dreams

A smile can get you out of trouble, even if it is a fake one

Once, when you looked to
my eyes, it healed all my
wounds, but now when you
look to my eyes it burns
like the flames of hell

I think that I will never
love again, so I won't feel
the pain of being left

I want to know that do you
still belive in our love

I admired, liked and loved, but you just played, betrayed and forgot

I had strong feelings
towards you, but you didn't
understand them when it was
your time...

I wanted to kiss you, but
you didn't seem to notice
me, but you noticed someone
else and kissed him

I still remember the smell that was in the air, it was the smell of your hair.
I still remember the feeling that was back then, that was the feeling of being loved.
I still remember the emotion was all around my body and soul, that was love...

You don't even know how it feels to be always the second choise

The time we were together, in that long strech of time, there was one instant, even if I eventualy forget everything else, it will always shine in my heart...
When I heard what I mean to you, all my dreams crumbled into dust, but I can’t change it, can’t I?

Even after I heard your answer, I didn’t accept it and kept on going after you, I will show you how much I love and care about you, until you understand

You can collect the shards of the broken glass, but you can’t collect the shards of the broken heart

Whenever I think of getting over you and I start to think of someone else, I can’t help but remembering you instead

I may say it is okay to left it here and I turn my back at you braverly, but it’s all because I don’t want you to see my tears run down my face

I wonder how can someone break you’re heart into little pieces, but you still keep on loving that person with everything that’s left

I know how to get you out of my head, but it’s much more harder to get you out of my heart

Why can’t you see it, I’m willing to do anything for you, because I love you truly the most

There are many parts in human body that has a pair, like; arms, legs, ears, eyes and lungs, but there is only one heart, so why did you have to break it?

Finally I understand your answer, you only looked my outside, you never even thought that I was totally different person inside

Don’t ever say that one person is you everything, because if you lose that person what will there if everything goes away, I tell you, it’s Nothing

When I saw you with someone else, it felt like a huge knife went straight trough my heart

You had always place in my heart, but how can I now fill that empty space, after you left with someone else

I was fool enough to fall in love with you

I was told to quit it, but I kept on going because I loved you

I was depressed already after seeing that most of the guys had a girl already, but it shattered my heart when I saw that some guy had you

AttractionSunnuntai 08.03.2009 03:20

If you open your heart a little, and bring your partner closer to you... Your feelings will reach your partner better

You don't even have an idea, how much I wanted to ask you...
When you looked at me with those beautiful deep blue eyes for a moment, I fell in love with you in an instant
Even if I lose my life, it's for the person I want to save
You are as beautiful as flower and as though as tree

You are like a suns light in the darkness of despair of mine
You said that you fell in
love, and this was more
than I have ever been
afraid of

I can’t even tell, how beautiful you are every day I see you

I wanted to ask you out, but I was so shy and afraid what would you have said and thought of me

I can’t even imagine a life without you, now that I learned to know you

I wanted you to respond to my feelings, but I can’t make you

I fell in love with you at the first time I saw, you and I think that I will always love you, no matter what happens so if I don’t do something about it, I will regret it for the rest of my life

I tried to impress you all the ways I knew, making everything as a joke, like I wouldn’t care what happens to me if I screw up again, so do you already see that I love you from the depths of heart

I wanted you to know, that
I feel good, when you laugh

There are people around me, but you are the only one that I see

My bright feeling is still shining deep inside my heart
Every little thing is precious to me

You can’t hear my hearts voice if you don’t even want to listen what it has to say

When I was chasing my dream, I kept it in my school bag
It's in the letter I couldn't send to you

Can you hear it? It’s my heart racing like no limits, and it’s only racing for you

No one has ever been able to describe what love is, but I know what it is when I look in your eyes

Even if you say that I’m stupid to love you, then I don’t even want to be wise

When you turn around at night of beautiful stars and you smile, you make even the stars feel of ashamed, because your smile shines way more brightly than them

I have a dream, it’s gonna be hard to accomblish it, but I will keep on trying to make it true, because my dream is to be with you

LonelinessSunnuntai 08.03.2009 03:20

I can't even tell how sorry I'am what I said or did to you... But I can tell you that I can't sleep I before I know that I have said: ”I am sorry enough times”...

I don't want to leave everything, but I have to always get disappointed, maybe that’s only my own destiny...

And at the time, thought of myself as... No, "had" to think of myself as... And I realized that that was the hardest thing one can feel, the feeling that you are not needed by anyone in this world.

Why do I think that every time I try to get closer to people, why everyone goes further away from me, what is there wrong in me?

Everybody I have ever met has seen my hard outside, but I think that nobody has ever been able to see into me. People can be suprised how different human can be from inside...

I always screw up
everything, and I only act
strong because I want to
be acknowledged by

There are few things that human being can’t understand, without experiencing it, now I know that one of them is crying yourself to sleep

I think that this is the path I have been given by God, long walk alone and suffering all by myself, then suddenly a happy and cheerfull moment for just a little while, then returning to ground fast and painfully just to continue this path of suffering

When I say that I don’t care what happens, that is the time when I care the most

This pain is already more than enough to drive me overboard, but it isn’t quite enough to make me give up

Some people are blessed so that they can forget their past

LoveSunnuntai 08.03.2009 03:19

I have done many stupid things in my life, but this was the most stupid thing when i thought that you would love me

My life depends on the amount of your love

I looked at you when you stepped out of the car, my eyes climb up your body, first I saw your feet, then your knees, your chest, your neck and finally your face and hair and as I remembered those was the most beautiful things I had ever seen in the whole world

You were always with me so I'am going to die next to you, and if it's possible I would like to go to same place as you...

You need to have a smile on you all the time or else, I will cry. You don't have to look around anymore, everything is in these hands

One lifetime, no
One family, no
One marriage, no
One engagement, no
One kiss, no
One hug, no
One touch, no
One word, no
One gaze from your eyes, yes
That is what I want

She taught me,
How to smile...
How to trust people...
Relying on my companions...
Shedding tears for other people...
True strength and kindness...
She taught me them all to me.
If I would kiss you, would you turn it back or would you answer to it with your sweet lips?

If you would be in lifedanger, and I could save you by sacrificing my own life, you would continue living without me in the same dimension

If I would have to choose my life or the love towards you, I would choose death no matter how cruel or painful it would be

When I touched your lips for the very first time, I wanted that moment to last for an eternity

I didn't know how to kiss, because I haven't kissed anyone ever, but when you kissed me I finally learned how great a kiss can be

I gave you red roses as the symbol of love, so that they would turn to green of jealous because of your beauty

I want to show you my love, so I won't leave you ever again

Time passes, but your beauty still remains

Some people, like me wait for a lifetime for a moment like this

Your eyes tell more than a thousand words, I would like to read at least one

If I would kiss you, would you turn it back or would you answer to it with your sweet lips

There isn’t such a word that could tell how much I love you

I will keep fighting for
you, bravery, strength and
courage in my heart

It's when you miss each other, that's when your feelings of love awaikens

You are my silverbullet for love

You are the last thing that I think at night before I fall asleep, and you are the first thing that I think at the morning when I wake up
I want to whisper you the words "I love you", before my voice shivers away...

There are few charm points that men think are important for women, like lips, eyes, hair, hips or breasts. But some men think that to fall in love you have to have all of them, and some think you only need one or two of them, well you don't have to worry because you have all of them and you have also your personality as one of your charmpoints and also the most important one woman can have, her natural charm

What always gives me courage is your gentle eyes

He loves her more than she’ll ever know, he loves her more than he’ll ever show

How much can it fill in small heart, love and longing, how much can small heart take such great love?

Though I have lost my dreams, you have given me the courage not to forget my smile
You don’t have to worry if everyone around you leaves you behind because you hate to know that there is always someone who has open place in his heart just for you
I am sure that I am strong enough to protect my love

<3Sunnuntai 08.03.2009 03:17

Naruto <3 Hinata (Naruto)
Inuyasha <3 Kagome (Inuyasha)
Miroku <3 Sango (Inuyasha)
Manaka <3 Tsukasa (Ichigo 100%)
Yamato <3 Suzuka (Suzuka)
Ranma <3 Akane (Ranma½)
Ferio <3 Fuu (Magic knight Rayearth)
Lantis <3 Hikaru (Magic knight Rayearth)
Clef <3 Umi (Magic knight Rayearth)
Cloud <3 Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)
Makoto <3 Kotonaha (School Days)
Kippei <3 Kokoro (Aisiteru Ze Baby)
Shungo <3 Mayu (Goushoou-sama Ninomyia-kun)
Yukinari <3 Miharu (Girls Bravo)
Takaya <3 Lilim (Lilim's Kiss)
Nanjou <3 Clara (Gacha Gacha)
Maeda <3 Tenmaku (Ai Kora)
Rito <3 Haruna (To-LOVE-Ru)
Shinichi <3 Ran (Detective Conan)
Hikaru <3 Ai (Dei Ecchi Ei)
Tsubaki <3 Urabe (Mysterious Girlfriend X)
Kenichi <3 Miu (Historys Strongest Diciple Kenichi)
Hayate <3 Maria (Hayate The Combat Butler)
Ryuu <3 Yukino (Kiss/Hug)
Shingo <3 Haruka (Girlsaurus DX)
Keiichi <3 Belldandy (Ah!My Goddess)
Tomoya <3 Nagisa (Clannad)
Haruto <3 Nanami (A Town Where You Live)
Takeshi <3 Elle (Happy World)
Daisuke <3 Hinako (Bitter Virgin)
Masato <3 Moka (Datte Suki Nan Damon)
Keita <3 Riko (KissxSis)
Tomoki <3 Minaho (Cherry X Cherry)
Daisuke <3 Kyoko (Kodomo No Jikan)
Negi <3 Nodoka (Mahou Sensei Negima)
Kei <3 Hikari (Special A)
Tadashi <3 Akira (Special A)
Yahiro <3 Megumi (Special A)
Jun <3 Sakurako (Special A)
Ryuji <3 Minori (Toradora!)
Iori <3 Mikuru (Ichinensei Ni Nacchattara)
Tidus <3 Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Squall <3 Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)
Shinichiro <3 Hiromi (True Tears)
Sana <3 Nanaka (Myself,Yourself)
Yoichi <3 Ayame (Ashita no Yoichi!)
Takayuki <3 Mitsuki (Rumbling Hearts)
Seto <3 Iori (I"s)
Yugi <3 Anzu (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Katsuya <3 Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Jaden <3 Alexis (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Takeya <3 Ren (DearS)
Kagetora <3 Beni (Shinobi Life)

Hinata's feelingsLauantai 28.02.2009 15:22

Pain:Reinforcements, eh?
Hinata:I won't let you lay another finger on Naruto!
Naruto:What're doing here!!?
Naruto:Get out of here. You're no match...
Hinata:I know...
Hinata:I'm...Just being selfish...
Naruto:What're talking about!?
Naruto:What're doing here!? It's dangerous!
Hinata:I'm here for my own free will
Hinata:...I used to always cry and give up...
Hinata:I nearly went the wrong way...
Hinata:But you...
Hinata:You showed me the right way
Hinata:I was always chasing you...Wanting to overtake you...
Hinata:I just wanted to walk with you...
Hinata:I wanted to be with you...
Hinata:You changed me! Your smile saved me!
Hinata:So I'm not afraid to die protecting you!!

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 17.02.2009 18:18

1. Ihan mitkä tahansa hiukset, niin minkälaiset ne olisivat?
- Sellaset piikikkäät eestä ja tulee tohon silmien eteen, ja takaa pitkät ja suorat ponnaril

2. Minkä tahansa lemmikin, mikä se olisi?
- Japanin akita koira ois aiika jees

3. Lento-, ajatusten luku- tai näkymättömyystaidon, minkä niistä ottaisit?
- lento ois aika karu


1. Parhaitten ystäviesi seurassa?
- aika höpö välillä

2. Tällä hetkellä?
- masentaa :(

3. Ihastuksesi seurassa?
- hermostunut mutta rento

4. Vihamiehesi seurassa?
- itsevarma


1. Heräät keskellä yötä siihen, että ystäväsi heittää päällesi kaalikääryleitä?
- "kiitti,niin mäkin sua"

2. Isäsi sanoo, että hän on kyllästynyt elämään ja sanoo lähtevänsä etsimään Alaskasta onneaan?
- "Tuo tuliaisia"

3. Huomaat olevasi raskaana?
- "voi vittu,millo tää tapahtu"

4. Suuri rakkautesi polvistuu koulussa eteesi ja vannoo ikuista rakkautta sinua kohtaan?
- "............"(jea, right)

5. Löytäisit sänkysi alta salaisen reitin maan alle, kulkisit sitä eteenpäin ja päätyisit sitten mäkkäriin?
- "aika hyvin kakkoskerroksest pääsee maan alle ilman et tarvii mennä keittiön läpi"


1. Seurusteletko?
- e

2. Kaipaatko menneisyyttäsi?
- jotain osia

3. Ketä halaisit nyt jos saisit halata ketä vaan?
- yhtä

4. Onko sinulla outoja tapoja? Mitä?
- Rummutan sormil,tai teen japanilaisia käsimerkkejä :D

5. Entä mielihaluja?
- ei kait

6. Oletko liian kiltti ihmisille?
- aivan liian

7. Minkävärinen on päiväpeittosi sängyssäsi?
- e o

8. Montako ihmistä on kanssasi samassa tilassa nyt?
- ei yhtään

Oletko koskaan -juttua:

Oletko koskaan joutunut tekemisiin poliisin kanssa? : jup
Oletko koskaan ollut TV:ssä? : juu
Oletko koskaan nähnyt eroottista unta jostain tuntemastasi tyypistä? : ju
Oletko koskaan lemmiskellyt pyörremyrskyn keskellä?: siis todellakin

3 Valintaa:

1. Musta vai valkea: valkea
2. Kuuma vai kylmä: kuuma
3. Suklaa vai vanilja: vanilja

Oletko ikinä-Galluppi

1. Oletko ikinä luntannut?: juu
2. Oletko ikinä suuttunut tai huutanut opettajalle?: jup
3. Oletko ikinä lyönyt ketää?: en,vaik ois pitäny
4. Oletko ikinä lintsannut?: liian usein
5. Oletko ikinä valehdellut pahasti?: jup
6. Oletko ikinä karannut kotoa?: en
7. Oletko ikinä ollut nälkälakossa?: en
9. Oletko ikinä ostanut kaupasta viinaa tai tupakkaa ala-ikäisenä?: jep
10. Oletko ikinä mennyt ala-ikäisenä baariin?: jup
11. Oletko ikinä syönyt lääkkeitä yli suosituksen?: jup
12. Oletko ikinä lyönyt ketään turpiin?: en, vaik ois pitäny
13. Oletko ikinä varastanut?: jup
14. Oletko ikinä tehnyt ilkivaltaa?: jep
15. Oletko ikinä oksentanut tahallisesti?: en kait
16. Oletko ikinä ollut masentunut?: juu
17. Oletko ikinä vihannut ketään?: joskus

Nimikirjaimesi?: MPH
Minä viikonpäivänä synnyit?: Perjantai
Opiskeletko jotain?: lukiooo

Pidätkö enemmän lumisateesta vai vesisateesta?: lumisade
Mistä musiikista pidät?: riipuu
Mikä on lempivuodenaikasi ja miksi?: kevät
Pidätkö jonkun maan kulttuurista erityisen paljon?: japanin

Keitä kuuluu perheeseesi?: isä, äiti ja pikkusisko
Minkälaisessa seurassa viihdyt?: pöpissä
Tunnetko paljon ihmisiä?: liikaa :D

Pidätkö piirtämisestä?: jup
Pyöräiletkö paljon?: kouluun aina ja takas
Mitä musiikki merkitsee sinulle?: mieli pois maallisista asioista,yleensä naisista
Harrastatko mitään vakituisesti?: sulkis,partio,kalastus,japanin kulttturi ja kieli,taistelulajit ja akupainelu
Haluaisitko aloittaa jonkun harrastuksen?: jousiammunta ois aika retee

Odotatko aina huomista vai elätkö tätä päivää?: huomista yleensä
Mihin suurin haaveesi liittyy?: kaippa se tohon rakkauteen liittyy
Kerro jokin pieni mukava toiveesi?: oisinpa jo 18

Join: kahvii vetelen just
Tipuin tuolilta: vuosi sitte
Itkin: vkl
Nauroin: äsken faijalle

Keneltä haluaisit pyytää anteeksi nyt?: yheltä
Häpeätkö itkeä kavereidesi nähden?: en kait
Mitä kappaletta kuuntelet juuri nyt?: eye of the tiger :D

Vika aina sinussa?: yleensä näköjään
Sinulla lainkaan tapoja?: ei
Sinua kohdeltu huonosti?: liian usein
Sinulla pelkoja?:ei olee

Linkin park - Given upLauantai 20.12.2008 23:53

Wake in a sweat again
Another day's been laid to waste
In my disgrace
Stuck in my head again
Feels like I'll never leave this place
There's no escape

I'm my own worst enemy

I've given up...
I'm sick of living
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all away
I'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me!

I don't know what to take
Thought I was focused but I'm scared
I'm not prepared
I hyperventilate.
Looking for help somehow somewhere
And no one cares

I'm my own worst enemy

I've given up...
I'm sick of living
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all away
I'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck is
Wrong with me!


Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my...
Put me out of my fucking misery!

I've given up...
I'm sick of living
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all away
I'm suffocating!
Tell me what the fuck is
Wrong with me!

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 20.12.2008 22:18

01. Kerro kauanko olemme tunteneet, miten tutustuimme ja mikä oli ensivaikutelmasi minusta?
02. Kerro mitä ajattelet minusta nyt? Mikä on kuvasi minusta?
03. Mikä on se asia, josta pidät minussa eniten?
04. Mikä on se asia, josta et pidä minussa eniten?
05. Jos voisit tehdä kanssani yhden asian, mikä se olisi?
06. Jos voisit viedä minut yhteen paikkaan, mikä se olisi?
07. Mainitse kolme eri asiaa, joista tulen mieleesi?
08. Mikä on nykyinen asenteesi minua kohtaan? Mitä tunnet minua kohtaan?
09. Olenko vaikuttanut elämääsi millaan tavalla?
10. Jos voisit sanoa minulle yhden asian ennenkuin tiemme erkanisivat lopullisesti, mikä se olisi?

Her charmLauantai 13.12.2008 12:52

There are few charm points that men think are important for women, like lips, eyes, hair, hips or breasts.But some men think that to fall in love you have to have all of them, and some think you only need one or two of them, well you don't have to worry because you have all of them and you have also your personality as one of your charmpoints and also the most important one woman can have, her natural charm