It's a fact.Lauantai 07.11.2009 18:08

Waste it away, do it today.
My life is fine, so why would I care.
I am my own medicine, turned into a poison.
I see no reason to live in Hell.
Tears don´t mean anything if we don´t know when we´re sorry.
Perfect times.
Life is but a long, sad game.
No hellos, no bad goodbyes.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my life again.
My dream that no one misses.
I don't like this state of mind.
There is always something to learn.
It's not fair.
... suffer in pleasure, forever and ever.
Stupidity, ignorance, leave a light on for the blind.
Stand on a chair and scream as the tables turn.
It's hard for me to love myself right now.
Needed to be strong, yet I was always too weak.
Have faith in me.
Who do you call a friend?
She was a beast, a deadly saint, wrong in many ways.
This necessary evil has no heart.
Don't need anyone.
Making mistakes, we all do.
I'm a clown.
The number talks and I cry in my own Hell.
The harvest of a lifetime, real bad wine.
Where is my home?
Must keep my secrets untold, until the wrongs are right.
It'll hurt like hell and leave you sore.
See who I am?

Helvetin heikkoa.

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