!!Keskiviikko 26.11.2008 17:47

1. Ensimmäinen sana, joka minusta tulee mieleen.
2. Väri, joka minua muistuttaa.
3. Kappale, joka muistuttaa minusta.
4. Millainen ruoka olisin?
5. Millainen ihmistyyppi minulle sopii parhaiten?
6. Mikä minussa on parasta?
7. Mikä minussa tekee sinut hulluksi?
8. Jos eläisin vuoden autiolla saarella, miten luulet, että selviytyisin?
9. Mitkä kuvittelet olevan viimeiset sanani?
10. Mitä mieltä olet luonteestani?
11. Mikä yhdistää meitä?/mikä on meidän juttu?
12. Olemmeko koskaan riidelleet, miksi?
13. Luotatko minuun?
14. Mitä haluaisit tehdä kanssani?
15. Mitä haluaisit sanoa minulle?
16. Mikä on paras yhteinen muistomme?
17. Huonoin puoli minussa?
18. Kopiothan tämän itsellesi, että pääsen kostamaan?

??Maanantai 24.11.2008 18:58

Olen: Aasu
Haluan: Aasin
Minulla on: Avain
Vihaan: Ahmoja
Pelkään: Ahvenia
Kuuntelen: Abbaa
Pohdin: Aamua
Rakastan: Ankka linnaa
Minuun koskee: Ala selkään
Minä aina: Askartelen
Minä en ole: Ampiainen
Laulan: Aivan surkeasti
Itken: Aika vähän
En ole aina: Ahkera

Mikään ei oo totta paitsi et mä oon Aasu :D

9!!Lauantai 22.11.2008 22:05



Bedaa<3Torstai 20.11.2008 23:29

Se, kenet toivot olevan vierelläsi lopun elämäsi ajan, pidä siitä kiinni, äläkä päästä irti. Kopioi tämä päiväkirjaasi minuutin sisällä, tai se ketä ajattelit tätä lukiessasi löytää toisen, jonka kanssa haluaa viettää loppu elämän

Oot mulle tärkein<3 SuperTiiaKirahvi <33

Näin Tiia kysy multa!<3Tiistai 18.11.2008 01:10

17.11.2008 14:53 <bedaa> ei aasu, synnyitkö vitsikirja kädes?:D

: D
Paul - It's a four letter name for a gentlemen. But if you go to a mere dictionary, it means something. From Roman it means 'humble', but to others the word means 'handsome'.

But to most of us, he's Kevin. But when you stand in the crowd of one of our concerts, who is everyone screaming for? Nick and me? But what about the other one? The other one being Kevin... Who plays his heart out, and breaks a sweat to bring that amazing guitar skill to the stage? The one who never gives up. Oh, am I talking about Nick! No!!! Nick does play, but who does it for 2 hours straight only stopping for a intermission between the songs? From 2005 to now, there's been one guy who stands on stage, in the back, on the left. Oh you mean Garbo! No, not at all, not even Garbo himself can take his place. It's Kevin. Paul Kevin Jonas II, the hazel eyed, brown curly haired guy, who is famous for his love for guitar and the band. Oh and don't forget.. MY BROTHER!

Do you remember him now? Everyone sees him, but no one knows him. Going to city to city, who is your favorite? When you say "I support the Jonas Brothers", does that include the oldest? The 21 year old, hasn't had it easy. "Oh he's gay! Why do you like him? Joe is so sexy! Nick is so hot!" What does that say to me? True fan right? Not at all. He has something so real. What was the last thing I have seen about Kevin? He's SO hot? He's SO ugly! His chest hair needs to be shaved! His sideburns are really tacky! What does that make you think of that person? Why bring him down? I'm not the only one who has fallen on stage. Kevin has too. Yes that's hard to believe as he has much better balance then me. Just think about spinning, while playing guitar, and trying to master the spin in front of millions.Can you do that? Sure, he is the oldest, okay so, he rarely sings loud in a song, but his heart is pure gold. What makes him different? He's Paul Kevin Jonas II. Stop the hate. If you were teased because of your looks would you hate it? He's pushed and shoved in interviews, as the older brother.

Step into Kevin's shoes for a minute.
Waking up at 4 a.m to head to a brand new city on the tour.
Walking out of the tour bus, with thousands and thousands of fans standing there.
But Kevin just smiles, and waves.
He's being ignored.
Well maybe it won't be bad.
He gets dressed in his dressing room.
Hears thousands of screaming girls.
Steps up on the stage, and smiles.
Begins the introduction of a song.
Then the lights hit them, and then hits the audience
What does he see?
Nick and Joe signs.
How would you feel?
He does a lot.
He's dragged down, but what does he do?
Quit being a Jonas brother? NO!

So, stop the hate of my favorite Jonas brothers.. He does a lot. He tries his best. That is all he can do right? Without him the JB wouldn't be right... He's the cheese in our macaroni. Support him.. Leave a comment please. Kevin isn't a bad guy. He's not gay. He has amazing good looks! I wish I was that good looking. I can't even hold a candle to him. Thanks bro. You are the best, to put up with some of this hate and still smile. Kev, you rock. Never give up and soon this hate will stop. Thanks bro for being my role model. So keep rocking that guitar of yours and show these people how amazing you are!

(started by:joejonas)

Cry! ykski tulee viel mulle väittää et VAAN joe ja Nick on ihanii !! niin ootte haudassa!! stna .. miltä teistä tuntuis, kyllä kev sen huomaa ku te ette fanita sitä, kyllä se suree, sillä on kans tunteet!! koittakaa vtun WNB fanit tajuta !! jos ootte jonas brothers faneja huomatkaa siinä on KOLME poikaa ei kaks .. Joe ja Nick on siin myös Kevin !! koittakaa ny oikeesti tajuta PERKELE!


ahah !Sunnuntai 16.11.2008 20:18

tiedän oon ilkee mutt pakko mun on kiusata noit WNB faneja ku ne ei tiiä JB pätkän vertaa !!

<3Keskiviikko 05.11.2008 17:40


just ! Tiistai 04.11.2008 18:53

"Jonas Brothers haters are going to far because they are planing to spam The Jonas Brothers youtube page and get their page deleted. I just found this out in a bulletin so here is the whole…. Okay So I was on the JB channel reading some comments. When I came across this comment.

“hello member of ADM, AJM, or any other Jonas Hate Group, on the date of Nov. 5th 2008, we shall attack the jonas brothers page/videos simultaniously at exactly 1600 hours (4:00 EST)in a plan we shall call “Operation Vendetta”. we shall spam the pages and videos, also flagging specific videos in hopes of suspending them. we shall also spam fans of the joehoes and flag their videos. till then, spread this message. ~anonymous”

His channel is , so on the exact time. We must stop it! This is getting out of hand! If your a true fan. That day; time your gonna help the haters lose! HELP JB!


We gotta make it his BEST bday. Not Worst! So if your a true fan you’ll repost this for 100’s and 100’s of fans to see and help the jb! [read and started by xoxjonasbrothers28]”

So please help JB out we need to stop this. Please spread the word to stop all of this. You would do this if you are a true Jonas Brothers fan!…"