*~...we are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours...~*

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Jukka <3Perjantai 27.08.2010 14:51

Tänään vuosi yhdessä
The rising sun above the sleeping ground
It shines so bright it hurts my tired eyes
The beautiful sun reminds me of you
And that i’m the one in the dark
I’m so lost when we’re apart

Don’t get me wrong when i say
I’m the child in the dark
You make me strong cause you bring
The sun into my heart
Wherever you are is my home

The changing view
Frozen field and morning moon
Train sixty-two takes me back to you

Staring the sky crimson and blue
Soon the graving is through
I’m so lost when we’re apart

Don’t get me wrong when i say
I’m the child in the dark
You’ll keep me strong if you share
The light in your heart
I hope you remember ( that ) wherever you are is my home

VKLOPPU!Torstai 19.08.2010 22:20

PERJANTAINA: KAJAANI!!! Reflexion ja Gotham O.D @ Balls, liput 5e!

LAUANTAINA: OULU!!! Reflexion ja Lionsex(UK) @ Nuclear Nightclub, liput 8e!

Kaikki kykenevät paikalle! :)

Nga yawne lu oer<3Sunnuntai 18.07.2010 21:53

...there's nothing else to say

Reflexion live :)Torstai 08.07.2010 16:37

ReflexionKeskiviikko 02.06.2010 15:58

World record attempt!

Reflexion participates in Nuclear Nightclub’s unofficial world record attempt of live playing on 12th on June. Exact showtime will be announced later. Two stages, more than 60 band and almost 16 hours of music!

Rock The PoleSunnuntai 30.05.2010 17:38


Kaikki kykenevät paikalle :)!

kelan laputTiistai 18.05.2010 15:46

vie mun pään.

ei mulla muuta.

Uusia keikkoja lisätty!Sunnuntai 16.05.2010 20:02

12/06/ Jatuli, Haukipudas
02/07/ Monttu, Pori
14/08/ Pub Katse, Jyvaskyla
20/08/ Balls, Kajaani
21/08/ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu