Peräsuolimainos...Keskiviikko 30.01.2008 19:04

Kiitos MTV3 kun kerrankin ajattelin että syön telkkarin ääressä niin sitten sieltä tulee "Onko sinulla PERÄSUOLI ongelmia?" mainos kun olen tunkemassa kanaa naamaan. Nice!

Vaahto Bileet SynttärinäKeskiviikko 30.01.2008 17:41

Mitä mieltä olis porukka jos järkkäisin vaahtobileet mun synttäreinä maaliskuussa?

Kaikilla 5-10 avec, miten haluatte? Ketä olis tulossa? K-18 ofc...

Ice Cube (Up In Smoke Tour 2001)Sunnuntai 27.01.2008 20:42

"I pledge a leaguance to the rag of the United West Side Connection, and to the W which it stands, one neighbourhood under god, invincible, with luxuries and riches for all."

testejä taas...Maanantai 07.01.2008 22:01

(x) jos näät jollain karkkia, menet pyytämään sitä häneltä
(x) puhut usein ruoasta
(x) pidät syömisestä
(x) katsot ruokaan liittyvät mainokset tarkemmin
(x) käytät suurimman osan rahoistasi herkkuihin
( ) haluat joululahjaksi suklaata/muuta karkkia
(x) syöt tällä hetkellä jotain
( ) katsot usein ruokaohjelmia tv:stä
(x) viihdyt kaupan karkkiosastolla yleensä yli 5min
( ) kun näet läskin, tunnet olevasi hänen hengenheimolaisensa
( ) hese/mäkkäri on paras paikka
(x) arnoldsin donitsit ovat hyviä
( ) piirrät/kirjoitat usein jotain ruokaan liittyvää
(x) matkit usein läskiä
( ) sinusta laihat ihmiset ovat sairaita
( ) liikunta on perseestä
( ) sinulla on melkein aina lämmin
(x) ajattelet tällä hetkellä ruokaa
(x) ruokailu on koulupäivän paras hetki
(x) hedelmäkarkit ovat hyviä
( ) lisäät kahviisi ainakin 5 lusikallista sokeria
(x) pidät kotitaloudesta koulussa
( ) tunnet olosi ahtaaksi busseissa
(x) olet leppoisa ihminen
( ) saat itsellesi 4 kaksoisleukaa
( ) jos et keksi puheenaihetta, aloitat yleensä ruoasta
(x) pidät loikoilusta
( ) maailman läskein mies on idolisi

12 = im FAT

FRAKKI! Nyt äkkiä mulle jostain!Maanantai 31.12.2007 17:18

Me need frakki!

You contact me jos you have or you friend have.

Me pay $$$ or %%%

Hyvää Joulua!Maanantai 24.12.2007 15:08

Tässä nyt ilmoitan kaikille kavereilleni jotka vois sitte sanoa eteenpäin niille kavereille ketkä ei tätä näe. Niin Hyvää ja RAUHAllista Joulua teille kaikille.

Kiitos tuhannesti teidän tuhansista jouluviesteistä, en vastaa koska muuten istun puhelimen ääressä koko illan. Joten kiitän nyt tätä kautta!!!

Sex – it does the body good.

Yet most of us are quicker to hit the gym before hitting the sheets when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Believe it or not, huffing and puffing your way through a hot, sweat-inducing sex session may be far more beneficial to your overall health than the time you spend on the treadmill.

As research confirms time and time again, good sex in a healthy, stable, monogamous relationship can only better our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Sex, in this context, offers us tons of benefits, most of which aren’t touted nearly enough.

Here are just a few benefits:

— Weight loss and weight control. Forget torturing yourself with the latest fad diet or hours on the elliptical machine when you can burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes of sex! Lovemaking lends itself to improved strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and cardiovascular conditioning. Plus, there’s something super sexy about getting to sleep with your very own “personal trainer.”

— Pain management. Forgo popping a pain killer and opt for something a bit more “au naturel.” Sex has been shown to offer migraine and menstrual cramp relief, as well as alleviate chronic back pain thanks to the endorphins and corticosteroids released during sexual arousal and orgasm.

— Stress relief. Sex, even if only with ourselves, impacts the way we respond to stress, increasing levels of oxytocin and stimulating feelings of warmth and relaxation. What better way to unwind from a tough day than sharing its most climactic moment with your special someone?

— Immune booster. Stop spending late nights at the office. Sex wards off colds and the flu. And sexually active people take fewer sick days, giving the phrase “working late” an entirely new meaning. Bosses, take note.

— Better heart health. A little bit of heart and soul in the sack should be part of every doctor’s orders when it comes to cardiovascular care. Sex may help lower cholesterol and the risk of heart attack.

— Increased self-esteem and intimacy. When sex is consistent and involves mutual pleasure, it can increase bonding since the surge in oxytocin at orgasm stimulates feelings of affection, intimacy, and closeness. When spiritual in nature, sex can lead to an even better quality of life and stronger relationship. Is it any wonder that good sexual energy in a positive relationship can make you feel better about yourself, your partner, and life in general?

— Sleep enhancement. There’s no need to count sheep when sex, including masturbation, helps insomnia. Plus, making love sure beats tossing and turning your way to zzzz’s.

— A better, younger looking you. Sex keeps you looking and feeling younger and, according to some research, may lead to shiny hair, a glowing complexion and bright eyes. This is because it increases the youth-promoting hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrostone). And feeling more attractive charges your sex life even more.

— Mood lifter. Sex releases pleasure-inducing endorphins during arousal and climax that can relieve depression and anxiety, and increase vibrancy.

— Longevity. There is a significant relationship between frequency of orgasm and risk of death, especially with men. Men who orgasm two times a week have a 50 percent lower chance of mortality than those who climax one time per month. The bonus: Living longer also gives you and your honey the opportunity for even more lovin’!

— Decreased risk of breast cancer. One study of women who had never given birth found that an increased frequency of sexual intercourse was correlated with a decrease in the incidence of breast cancer.

— Reproductive health benefits. According to at least one study, sex appears to decrease a man’s risk of prostate cancer, and the prevention of endometriosis in women. It also promotes fertility in women by regulating menstrual patterns.

In a nutshell, the health benefits of sex in a good, solid relationship are practically endless. Yet, in planning our New Year’s resolutions, how many of us are declaring, “I think I’ll have more sex with my lover” in fulfilling any 2008 health and self-improvement goals?

While exercise on a regular basis is important to your health, sex can do so much more for you and your relationship. So before signing any dotted line for a new gym membership, consider how time allotted to an athletic club could be far more effective in your boudoir.

You can get a lot more bang for your buck in the bedroom, double your “membership” benefits, and, with sex breeding the desire for more sex, thanks to a boost in testosterone, it’s a workout plan you’re likelier to stick to.

Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

Hylkeen murhaustaMaanantai 10.12.2007 19:52

It's the new sport for tourists: killing baby seals

Wildlife and animal rights groups have condemned Norway's culling holidays

Juliette Jowit and Hildegunn Soldal
Sunday October 3, 2004
The Observer

It is the ultimate form of extreme holiday 'fun'. Tourists, bored with SAS survival weekends, trekking trips in the Antarctic and booking space flights with Richard Branson, will soon be able to fly to Norway - and shoot baby seals.

The decision to launch the vacations - which have aroused the fury of animal rights groups - follows the recent move by the Norwegian government to expand its annual culling of seals so that amateur enthusiasts can join in.

Article continues
The aim is to bring about a dramatic increase in the number of deaths of seals, which are blamed by fishermen for devastating drops in the North Sea marine stocks. But the effect has been to outrage conservation groups.

'Killing a baby seal is about the easiest thing you can do if you're inclined to be sadistic; you certainly can't say there's any sport in it - the animal is totally defenceless,' said Paul Watson, founder and president of the radical Sea Shepherd group.

The expansion of Norway's seal cull comes into force in January, following intense lobbying by fishermen, who say the country's large seal population is not only devastating cod and other fish stocks but is infecting other marine life with parasites.

Companies are already offering holidays to both experienced hunters and beginners to take advantage of this relaxation of rules. NorSafari is advertising on the internet for trips that start at 1,400 kroner - about £110 - for a day's hunting and one seal. This rises to 8,200 kroner, or £650, for four days and the guarantee of two seals.

The company's website shows photos of hunters posing with their kill and offers trips that not only include accommodation and food but help with cutting up and preserving seal carcasses. Training is available for beginners, it adds.

Some packages offer a refund to disappointed hunters who don't kill the advertised catch. Extra seals shot will cost another 500 kroner, while another company, Polar Events, advertises: 'We will make sure that your hunt is one not soon forgotten.'

Professional seal hunters have traditionally used clubs to kill seals, but Polar Events' boss, Kjetil Kristoffersen, said tourists would be given rifles to hunt their prey.

'Seals have been hunted in Norway for many years and it's part of the culture,' said Kristoffersen. 'We want people who are interested in hunting, not people who just come to shoot the animal... the tradition up here in Norway [is] we hunt the seal to eat it; it's food.'

Animal rights activists and conservation groups fear that helpless baby seals will become the prime, easy targets of tourists. They also warn that seals are in danger of being over-hunted.

Seal hunting has been a tradition in Norway for thousands of years, but has dwindled recently with only about half the annual 1,200 quota being killed each year. Despite this, under pressure from fishermen the quota was raised to more than 2,000 a couple of years ago.

The decision to include tourists in a practice which, until now has been confined to local experts, is designed to help meet that quota.

Announcing the plan, Norway's Fisheries Minister, Svein Ludvigsen, said the move would 'restore the balance' between fish and seals along Norway's coast and claimed that the hunting of seals was no different from hunting moose. Others liken the practice to hunting foxes, big game or even fish and birds. 'This could be a big hit,' added the minister, whose father was a trawler captain.

This optimism is not shared by many others outside Norway, however, and last week the government appeared to be backing down from its enthusiastic endorsement of seal-hunting holidays on its shores. Ministers worry that the move, even if popular with hunters, will damage the country's image for the majority of tourists.

'This is certainly not an image we are keen to be portrayed with,' said Eirik Bergesen, an information adviser for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although he stressed that 'for ordinary hunting you can come to Norway and hunt, so what we're doing is actually bringing the rules for seal hunting in accordance with those other hunting laws and guidelines'.

The idea of the holidays was also attacked by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. 'Tourists should be encouraged to enjoy and protect wild animals in their natural habitat rather than kill them,' said spokeswoman Gill Sanders.

Some campaigners have disputed the fishermen's claims that there is a link between seals and the decline in fish stocks. 'That's never been scientifically proven,' added Maren Esmark, marine conservation officer for the Norwegian branch of wildlife charity WWF.

Some argue that over-fishing is the cause of devastated fish stocks. Seals, they point out, have happily coexisted with other marine life for most of their history.

'Our position is more seals, more fish,' said Watson. 'The biggest predator of fish like cod is other fish - and seals keep fish like that in check.'

So far, it is unclear how popular the hunts will prove with visitors, however. Polar Events has had no overseas bookings yet. But the website for NorSafari says 'many of the people we have spoken to would like to come to Norway to go seal hunting. Already there is sufficient interest for us to invite hunters to an exciting hunt.' And the Norwegian Hunting and Fishing Association told Jeger (Hunter) magazine there was expected to be interest abroad, especially from Germany.

Other tasteless trips

Iraq: thrill-seeking travellers visit the war zones

US: trophy-hunters shoot old zoo animals such as lions and elephants, sometimes when they are chained up

Africa: safari hunters compete to shoot the most big game - often including endangered species

Britain: tour company offers the chance to sleep rough like a homeless person

Norway: trippers spend a day whale-watching ... then tuck into whale steak for supper

Faroe Islands: visitors go out in boats to watch local whale hunters

PISSIS BILEET TÄNÄÄN!Lauantai 08.12.2007 23:41

Ulkonäkö pojat

pro pissalasse dokaa tuplasti kapasiteetinsa yli, bommaa koulusta syyhkityillä kalvotusseilla ja tuntee kuumimmat kissat. miespuoliset pissiksiksiä ei voisi metroseksuaaleiksi kutsua, mutta tyttöjen lailla myös he panostavat pissismin kanssa harmoniseen olemukseen: vaatelook on tyylikkään rento ja casual, funktionaalinen sekä muista edukseen erottumaton. .

1. päähine
lippis on kova sana kaikkina vuodenaikoina: mieluummin tumma ja yksinkertaisella kuvalla (esmes NY-logolla) varustettu. talvella paalupaikasta taistelee perusvärinen/kuosinen snoukkapipo. ja koska tunneilla ei -..ttu- pipoa/lippistä voi niiden horomaikkojen takia pitää, hätätapauksissa päälaen peittää paidan huppu.

2. asusteet
hopeaiset keskipaksut ketjut ranteisiin ja kaulaan, hikinauhat, urponnäköiset policelasit kännissä, karhu(ym.)siksin pahvista tehdyt kännihatut, kamerakännykät, mp3soittimet, käpit, rassit ja röökit.

3. torso
pro lassen vaatekaapista pitäisi löytyä mahdollisimman monta perusväristä ja isolla hupulla varustettua hupparia, skedeaiheisia t-paitoja, ski-eksposta syyhkitty snoukkatakki sekä muutamat vitunkalliit / vitunfeimit tummat farkut. lisäksi mielellään yksi tumma dokaustakki ja syvillä taskuilla varustetut dokaus-housut (vai mihin muualle sä sen kossupullon ajattelit tunkea?). vaatteissa tärkeintä on funktionaalisuus - syvät ja tilavat taskut, pitkät syyhkyhihat ja isot peittävät huput.

4. alusvaatteet
söpöt satiiniset tai eläimellisellä tekstillä (esim. jätkä on eläin!) varustetut ihqt kalsarit, joita voisi sitten kännissä esitellä tytöille.

5. kengät
hyvin hintavat skedekengät.