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Poetry...Keskiviikko 28.12.2011 15:22

The begining
Scars on you face,
doesn't mean in case,
that you can't more pain,
its just that you can take it--
--and walk away,
Just rase your fist, luet your rage show,
you never give up, nevergive CONTROL!
Make this one yours, and yours alone,
On your place? We're ready to GO!!
are you ready to fight?
are you ready to play?
are you ready to rage?
are you ready to make em' PAY!
I'm ready to brake the face,
I'm ready to play,
I'm ready to wreck the place,
are you ready for pain!
(chorus end)
On your twisted face,
I can see it all,
You're all in, but will that take us far,
Its crystal now, on your tormented face,
You're in for a game, and I'm ready to play,
So let's take some heat,
and make some PAIN!
get on your place,

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