Forever isn't long enough in the company of you.

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 20.11.2007 03:01

you were right, i was wrong
it doesn't mean, i want you gone
takin' it easy, just hangin' out
even when i'm happy, seems that you're in doubt

well, it's all about communication
so, i say this for your information

just because i like you, don't mean i need you
you don't have to be here every day
just because i'm with you, don't mean i have to
i don't wanna diss you
but how can i miss you
when you never go away

can get too much of something good
you always call me, cause you think you should
just relax and let it be
i'll come around, eventually

let's make certain what is fact or fiction
though it may sound like a contradiction

i don't need a long vacation
but, now and then, just pass my station
how i wish you understood
that i don't wanna diss you
i just wanna miss you

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