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Pittbullfarm-Love song

Since the day I was born I had a wonderful dream,
To make people hurt, to make people scream,
My middlename is torture I got lust for blood,
No one can be protected by any god,

Many years ago I met a girl and I felt in love,
she was my sunshine, she was my dove.
But voices in my head told me what to do,
Now I stand at your grave and I'm missing you,

The eternal love is lost for life,
Now she's always here,
Once upon a time she was my wife,
And now i live in fear,

You're the voice in my brain, master of my mind,
Searching, looking, hunting til I'm almost blind,
One day I will find you, and make everything alright,
Oh God, I miss those moments when our love were so bright,

Now I'm with you every second, I can even feel your breath,
But things have changed now, with a touch of death,
You're colder, stiffer and harder than before,
I'm laying in your grave, and never leave you no more,

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