Some have called me Satan's son A name I cannot deny

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 11.09.2010 22:35

01. Your first favorite band.
02. A band member you have a crush on.
03. A band that you're proud of.
04. Your ideal band lineup.
05. A band you've recently heard of.
06. A band you used to hate but now love.
07. A band or a band member you wish you could meet.
08. A band you don't listen as much as you'd like or you think you should.
09. A band you wish hadn't broken up.
10. A band that's like a family/best friend to you.
11. A band you miss.
12. A band from your state or area.
13. The biggest musical influence from your childhood.
14. Someone in or related to a band that you wish you could be.
15. A band you think about a lot.
16. The band that heals your broken hearts.
17. A band who you misjudged by first impression.
18. The band that has helped you through your worst times.
19. The friendliest band member you've met.
20. The band that has had the most influence on your life.

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