varmaa enää ikin tuu ees käymää tääl :D joku ikivanha IRC <3 en ees löydä mist kirjautuu ulos

If this was easy i wouldn't be so bound to this.
I love our problems, I like the hard way.
We make it difficult, but getting through it all
is the feeling I miss, so it's the trouble I love.
I love the way it is, just as we are.

The feeling of winning
makes it worth the pain.
If there just is passion
it's worth everything.

Seeing you hurt, your feelings still alive.
Being hurt myself, feeling the uncertainty.
Brings in only passion
it's indescribable.
Playing only together
makes us unseparable.
Experience together,
grow into each other,
just remembering the love,
we can make it unbreakable.

If we can get through this
we can't be torn apart.
'cause together love and passion
make it irresistible.

We can fight, we can scream
we can cry, we can run.
It's only temporary
'cause if it's true love,
those can't tear us apart,
it could be forever,
if we held on tight enough,
it would keep us together.

It's the lust for blood
in my soul.
It's the passion for pain
in my heart.
It's my libido
that keeps me driving on.
I can't stop now
I already have a addiction on
you, us, our difficult passioned love.

We're inseparable
It's indescribable
It's irresistible
It's unbreakable
It maybe only temporary
but it's our passioned love.

will it melt with the snow?
love is a devil


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