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The dance of 2Maanantai 14.01.2008 23:28

(Tosi pitkä runo.. minä kirjoitin se pari viikkoja sitten. )

At first, there is one
he emerges from the shadow
and is then spotted by a light above
One moves a step
he stares into the right
another step allows him to glance to the left
More steps overcome his shyness
and a tiny smile touches the corner of his lips and brows the moment he sees the curious crowd
To the right sideways he glides
looking at his toes
arms behind his back
to the left then faster
He makes a sudden spin and one sharp eye will see
a shadow hanging on to him.
After a while of standing in the mid
his arms are moved towards the light
drawing different words
then he drops them
Still... some hands are hanging in the air
are they there, just behind the shine ?
Upon his head they land, caress the sides of his face
and stop when winded around his belly

Two has come.
One stares at two's hands moving around him
untill a body comes stand before him
never breaking close contact
They stare each other in the face
She smiles a thousand smiles
He brings her to the left and to the right
and one they
still remain
two a perfect mimic of what he wants.
A whirling dance then takes it's grip on them
(awakes the eyecrowd, such a joy they have never seen materialised ! )
The tip tap then tumbles.

Her foot
is out

A moment of silence brings sadness over her
Denying she steadily trows her foot besides his
He hesitates but then proceeds
crawling out of non-movement.
Another time the touch . . . snaps
He moves away his leg and moves then
sometimes closed sometimes loosened
In a spin she frees herself of his tight hold
still she smiles and one thinks it's okay.
Faster and wider they dance
but never let they go their hand

(Oh, may it not be their destiny)
Oh the tragedy, for when one and two let go they can touch eachother nimmermore.
The colourfullness of their frivol dance fades and the violins break on the pavement.
Her eyes turn deep grey.
Two sniffs and cries and eventually then... is quiet.
There is nothing he can do.
Without a shadow he returns to darkness he was born from,
his back this time

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