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Birthday in the UKTiistai 02.05.2006 19:12

Postaanpa taman tannekin, koska en jaksa kirjoittaa uudelleen jo DA-journaliini kirjoittamaa viestia, ja umlautit on bannissa brittinappiksissa:

I'm spending my 22nd birthday in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Yesterday I saw Pet Shop Boys live for the first time, and it was fabulous. Not a normal show, since the band was not really the point, but the mute film they made the soundtrack for; Battleship Potemkin. The music sure was alot more dramatic with the film than without it. It was cold as hell, and we (me and my girlfriend) were quite underprepared...anyway it was a wonderful show and worth all the zillions of pounds spent to get here.

We had to sleep at the airport and the bus that was supposed to take us from the airport the Victoria station. Due to some misunderstandings, we never caught the bus from Victoria to Newcastle, so we had to take the train (there were various other things complicating this, but I won't go into details). In the train we had no seats, so we sat on the floor for the whole trip (3 hours), also slept there. Sleeping on different floors, in a cafe, a train...

Also, getting the tickets to the actual event would have been impossible without the help of our kind host, Kathryn. She was waiting for us at the railway station and took us first to the supposed ticket-picking-up-point, the tourist information centre. Of course there were two tourist infos and we went first to the wrong one. When we finally got to the actual picking-up-point, the tourist office was closed. So...we had to head for the event area. This would have also been very much complicated without Kathryn (and her car). She drove us there and the staff told us to go from one place to another, finding another person, since they couldn't help. Well, after some four groups of staff we found a person that was able to help us. Kathryn wasn't willing to give up, and neither was I...I didn't come all the way just to be turned down. So, with some stubbornness, patience, and proof (e-mails) we were able to get our tickets. What a relief.

As we had our tickets, we had time to get to Kathryn's place, settle in, make some food, chat and relax... With a few ours of relaxation we were good to go, underclothed, but ready. Metro took us very close to the event and we had some more food (hadn't really had time to eat properly for a few days, and even though we just ate before getting to the place, we were still hungry). Baked potatoes with cheese and beans - mmm. We stood there for one and a half hour and then the show began. The audio system was brilliant, not too loud but loud enough to feel like a concert. The film was very dramatic and I think the soundtrack was quite appropriate for it. In the music, you could really hear the respect for the events taking place in the film. The whole shipyard (the event area) was covered with gorgeous coloured lighting...the cranes around looked really mysterious. This was a perfect place to hold such an event. I was a bit afraid of rain, since it rained in London when we got there, but luckily we we spared from that.

And today...started slow and will be a slow. We've earned some rest. But who knows what kind of adventures lie least some photographs will be taken.

Have a good life, people.

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