-noʎ ʞɔnɟ
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    act like a lady, think like a BOSS

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    bee oo äx ii

    And I really don't care who dislikes me or why
    The people that dislike me have nothing to lose
    So they can act like a fool
    Oh, I remember when she didn't have this
    Or when she didn't have that
    And she was like this
    Fuck that, I eat that shit up
    Say whatever you want motherfucker
    Just say my name
    Thats all I need, because you know what?
    I ain't going nowhere until I've done it all

    perpetual emotion
    it's just a ripple in the ocean
    a shadow in the night
    changes we're making for the better
    we're going through together
    there's nowhere you can hide