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MneeeeuuughSunnuntai 30.04.2006 06:15

Like the title says; "Mneeeeuuugh".

Thanks to the great starship commander we still live, completely oblivious of our little air bubbles we live in. Pop pop and we go, "oh no!". It's really a great big pity to be honest. (Of course as much as a shame it is we cannot deny that this is how things are, and things could have been much worse...). To be locked into you're cupboard can be a blast, and special powers may be delivered upon you're soul for such willingness to enlighten the mind from the bubbles whilst still showing a keen will to live on.

Who/what can POSSIBLY reward us for the accuracy of our bubbly-spectrum? who/what could possibly gague our rainbow of coloured poppables? Who/what even knows of such a spectrum? Such a different plane of planes of reality?

Fuck if I know.

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