From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....
Just when was the last time i participate in any forms of community service? maybe 3 or 4years ago?
Oh boy, i sure got a lot of hours from that work. I cleaned the snow out of old families' residential area, i fix their lawns when its not snowing, i visited them just to talk to them and play chess with them just so i can get sweets from them after i have beaten them.
Honestly, i never dislike it, its one of those things that you dislike it in the whist of doing it but later on you miss it because of those joyful smiles those people carried with them. Lovely i say, lovely- especially when you just sit there and listen to them carefully, they feel that you care about them, i like to give that feeling to people because instead of letting people worry about you it is better that you only let them know the good news.
Like that famous phrase, 'No news is good news '.
Not saying i shouldnt tell anything to people but its better to just let them know the good parts of my life instead of downs i am dealing with.
I hate to make people worry, that's why i never tell people the whole story in my life
Believe it or not.

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