From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....
It's icy, it's snowing, it's slushy, it's not as cold as Scandinavia but still cold my ass off.
AND ON SATURDAY MORNING, THE AIR KIND OF STINKS- Thanks to the lame farmers, thanks lol
One of my cousins whom we havent spoken forever (because he is contantly away because he is in an organized gang doing some deals) has finally contacted me ( contacted me because we used to be close) and told me he is making a ton of money nowadays and he talked to his sister the other day about the death of their dad ( which is my uncle)... He was certainly shocked and i was shocked because how did he get my mobile phone number is a MYSTERY.
Back to playing FUTSAL now again, i have improved some more physically because of the physiotherapy i had with the doctors; i run faster now, i dribble better now, i can pass better, better game plan, better vision of the game, and most important of all... TEAMWORK :D
Liverpool advanced to the knockout stage of champions league... GREAT :D
Gay Christmas shopping cost me some money- LAME
Grant Oldre (my roommie) got dumped last Friday, sucks for him, ummmmm well, both Jesse and i tried to help him a lot but who am i to help him anyway? I am just another loser after all.
Now i have to send those gifts to people whom i like/ dislike, after all, its the season to be honest- i still care about everyone.
Ah also! I fell down a lot while sitting on the chair...
The community loves us, we do a lot of community services nowadays; such as: clean up the driveway for old people( again), eat some cookies from the nice elderly folks... they love that.

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