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From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....
The FA could have spent less, they did not have to hire the legendary son of a bitch iron hard man- FABIO CAPELLO.

"O! mamamia!" Is surely my reaction with the English FA's choice, but they even paid a shit load of their POUNDS to the famous Swede- Sven Göran Eriksson whom made English people FELT PROUD for quite a few years. (Remember this, they even beat Germany in the recent time but they never beat Luis Felip3 Scolari's PORTUGAL and Lars Lagerbäck's SWEDEN ).

Let's just be wise and think about the news we have heard/ seen/ read/ discussed about the English football, just like Arsene Wenger mentioned before England does have some quality managers, it is just those big stars and thier WAGS are too annoying and of course the lovely English media. The English media stirs all the good stuff together to talk about, first they praised Sven, then they cursed Sven and protected the inmature not so young anymore English talent, Wayne Rooney. Like Sir Alex Ferguson (why even add the title Sir? he didn't even meet all the requirements. ) mentioned before, the England job is going to be extremely difficult, especially at this stage of England's Golden Generation... In the whilst of FEAR (Too much of it around the team. Moronic fans boo their own players. Does your large, new contract include danger money, Fabio? ),
England (let us all bow down to you, Signor Capello! Make the English people fell proud again! No matter what country you are from! ), JAMES(Yes, David James. He is probably the most reliable keeper England got nowadays other than the retarded Paul Robinson, and the newbie Scott Carson.), Lampard and Gerrard cannot play together in the famous 4- 4- 2, Terry (John Terry goes to the referee everytime when there is something happened, like he is the MASSIVE BIG DEAL.), Beckham (David Beckham is still useful to you Capello! At least he helped you to win the Spanish La liga title... ), no variety formations allowed ( think about the matches England had against Croatia 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, and they lost all, SMART JOB. ).

Anything else? Of course, just listen to Zola everytime when he smiles, just follow his directs- he will get you something lol. The youngsters: Walcott, Bentley, Downing, Young, Agbonlahor- they are not finished like the old gissers but surely they will be the FUTURE for ENGLAND.
Strikers, ummmmm, you what? England got strikers? Wow, that is like you are saying Michael Jackson does not like children... nah. Yeah England got strikers, but thye got to be fit (Michael Owen and Dean Ashton for instances). Peter Crouch, the tall chap who does not even get enough games from my beloved Liverpool, oh please Rafa! Be wise!

I know i did not mention Rooney, oh well, he needs to be more mature- thats all.
For the defence, ummm, Michael Richards is a good choice but the fella loves to get hurt so much it's like "wow! Is this your obssesion??__??". And Gary Neville now is the alternative choice, but mind you, that fella injures much as well as Richards and he loves to bark in front of the referee- CARDS MIGHT BE FLYING AROUND.

1: 0 for the score. Italians are masters of it. Such is the trauma created by Steve McClaren's mediocrity, we will take a win however it comes. But a clean sheet for England? Fabio, have you seen our goalkeepers (see DAVID JAMES!)?

Home. Wembley is a magnificent venue, shame about the team. So far, England's record on their own patch is not great. Germany won there, so did Croatia. Brazil drew and there have been wins against Estonia, Israel and Russia. Remember, an Englishman's home is his castle. Er . . .

In the whilst of these storms, we need to think for the young children as well... like in the Daily Mail said, Big Sam Allardyce slamed the FA for spending much money on the famous Fabio but have forgotten to splash cash for the grassroots football... sigh. Capello is reported to be on £6m a year - over four years - with the figure rising to £10m when his backroom assistants are added on.( the daily mail)
And when is the last time we heard a English coach manages England? It has been a while, eh? Oh goodness, the FA should have given some extra trusts on the England based coaches, they are good as well after all.
England England England, when will we be able to see you once again proudly say " We are the 3 Lions." ?

Picture: Fabio happy for the money?! hehe, we will see.

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