From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....
mum, has decided to MAKE me to practice piano once again, which means... 4hours/day xD
of course i get break within the practice period, but still it is very... unaccetable :S
oh well!

one thing...Perjantai 11.07.2008 07:43

ever thought of kidnapping your parents? And isolate them in the basement for a while to see if they would finally act like adults, i meant use logic to solve their problems... i wish i could ;_)

Superbad, or... super gay? lolTorstai 10.07.2008 07:58

Seth: I just wanna go to the rooftops and scream, "I love my best friend, Evan."
Evan: Let's... go on my roof.

Recently...Torstai 10.07.2008 07:52

I have been taking driver's class- to learn how to drive with a manual stick but it's been quite handy- dandy since i already know how to drive with an automatic. But the instructor is a bitch, falling asleep while i am driving therefore to teach him a lesson i stepped on the brake quite hard when it's needed.

I also have been doing some kind of work for the Scandinavian office here in Taipei, and i am getting a part time job from a flower shop nearby our condo, got to Taiwan like... yesterday, if i remember it correctly. Now my brain is still really tired and stressed from the flight, the jet lag, and next month i have to one of the few "lucky bastards" to host a trip for a group of visitors from all over the place to have cultural exchange with them, it will be fun, but stressful.

Still playing football around here, loving the style here, it's better than the style in Scandinavia i must admit, it's fast pace, good passing, lots of running.
something else
UK's Mark Cavendish had thrilling win at the stage of Chateauroux, or not Mark Cavendish but "the fat little kid" as he called himself.

Oh NO!Keskiviikko 02.07.2008 22:36

Why do i feel sleepy much recently???
Check this out... even while i am walking on the street- i feel sleepy.

Fuck, i should sleep like24/7 and i will sleep forever.
Totally should try that

Recent football news around the world...Keskiviikko 25.06.2008 10:02

1. The Special One, Mourinho is coaching Inter Milan now.
After a terrible week at Chelsea, Roman The Oil King Abromovich fired The Special One and then Mourinho and Barca had many rumours but without a conclusion really. :S

The issue now is- how to change Inter Milan? From the experiences of FC Porto to Chelsea, Mourinho's offensive strategy never looked ' va- va- voom', but the defense always look spectacular! So the solution is- buy someone that can run around forever! Also, it must be someone that Mourinho can be fully trusted; Mourinho is a man that's between sanity and insanity, he will somehow convince the boss to buy players one after another!
Oh and Mourinho loves Giorgio Armani's suite!

2. Luis Felipe I punch your face Scolari is the current boss of Portugal, but after euro2008 he will be heading to London to coach the blues- Chelsea. But this trend is still hot, the trend of foreign coaches going to England to make money and coach...etc.

3. Man UTD complained Real Madrid's harassment to FIFA, but who cares about your shit?
WHo's got more money in the pocket? Of course, Real Madrid! So shut the fuck up Red Devils.

4. The King, Pele recently got robbed. But who are these brave robbers, about 10 of them... now they are all about to die i think b/c Pele is the King of Santos and of course the World but who has the gut to rob Pele is beyond my logic...
Ribery injured, that totally shattered the chance for France to advance,
Pirlo and Gattuso are both suspended, it seems like Spain will have a better chance to win...
only amateur would think like that, if you have seen enough football, then you know Italia has not use Totti for a while and this lad.... he gets better and better through the tournament. Just like 2006 world cup, Totti got way better at a later stage of the tournament, so watch out!

This year's Holland is just as hot as the France back in 1994 i think, which France at that time won all the way to take the title.

Croatia so far... did a good job, they exceeded themselves like Bilic said, this is the best Croatian team... haha.

Grant Oldre wrote
at 8:44am
Of course you miss me calling you "Mocha Bear" thats because it is an amazing nick name, one you should be proud to carry. So how about that soccer, I've been watching a lot on t.v. lately I had a few questions for you about it but I can't remember them now. One however was, did the United States get good or does Barbados just really suck? Hope your having a good summer.

Barbados have always been that bad, Grant, it' s not illusion.
Me= Mocha Bear, apparantly
Turkey beat Czech Republic in the last minute 3:2, Nihat!!!!!!!! da whistle beater!

Croatia is back!Perjantai 13.06.2008 08:07

Croatia beat Germany with the result of 2:1, the mini Olic battled against Meztelder& Metasacker...
well, the Croats won fair and square because the Croats has proved that they can raise the level when it comes to a tough challenge... but they can also lower the level as we all have seen in the game against Austria... what a shit!