From Norway, Taiwanese= Taiwan, not 3rd world like Thailand plzzzz.....
I know friendship can be as hard as rock, but in reality, family is all that matters.
Roughly about 6hours left till I go to the US for school again, feeling very sad and unwilling to face this fact but i think i should make this year a good year so parents will not worry for me. Life is like a roller coaster, it brings you up and down, joy, sad; life brings you everything more than money could.
In my life, what i really want at this stage of my life included: family and football... :D
I really appreciate of everything my parents had done for me so far... life is so tough for the younger generation, and the parental generation will always help us, open each new door of lives for us...
All and all, i love home lands also, Norway & Taiwan :D and i love my parents and all of my friends.
People, tell me everything about your lives :D I want to hear!

Dragon Ash!!!!Tiistai 19.08.2008 02:45

Have always like them :D
great stuffff!

Barclays Premier League starts!Lauantai 16.08.2008 19:57

Arsenal vs. West Brom

Bolton vs. Stoke City

Everton vs. Blackburn

Hull City vs. Fulham

Middlesbrough vs. Tottenham

West Ham vs. Wigan

Sunderland vs. Liverpool <3 let's go you reds!

Aston Villa vs. Man City

Chelsea vs. Portsmouth

Man UTD vs. Newcastle United

To my finnish friends :DPerjantai 15.08.2008 21:35

Hope all of you will have a good school year again, do not let anything bring you cos love is all around!

La Bamba!Tiistai 12.08.2008 12:26

Para bailar La Bamba Para bailar La Bamba, Se necesita una poca de gracia, Una poca de gracia, pa' mí, pa' tí y Arriba, arriba.. y arriba, arriba Por tí seré por tí seré por tí seré.

Yo no soy marinero Yo no soy marinero Soy capitán soy capitán soy capitán Ba Ba Bamba Ba Ba Bamba Ba Ba Bamba!

todayMaanantai 11.08.2008 00:26

could not be more content with my life so far, doing everything i would like to do, putting as much time with my family as possible cos i need them :)
I enjoy spending too much time with my family, that's fine, cos my family will never betray me ;)
naara-yo-chan - kaupungin seksikkäin työntekijä said:
finns like asian boys
naara-yo-chan - kaupungin seksikkäin työntekijä said:
today I almost fainted when one smiled at me xDD

Sofia, calm down :'D
mum, has decided to MAKE me to practice piano once again, which means... 4hours/day xD
of course i get break within the practice period, but still it is very... unaccetable :S
oh well!

one thing...Perjantai 11.07.2008 07:43

ever thought of kidnapping your parents? And isolate them in the basement for a while to see if they would finally act like adults, i meant use logic to solve their problems... i wish i could ;_)