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[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 30.09.2006 01:38

Niko sanoo:
saanks mie taas soitella ja runkkailla puhelimee ens yönä
Psycoma sanoo:
iha vapaasti
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[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 22.09.2006 17:21

14:20 <@hasis> oho.. nyt mie tiiän milt lumivyöry tuntuu... alko pyllyssä tuntuu just sellane ryminä

"hyvän" linkin jälkeePerjantai 22.09.2006 00:29

21:25 <@jori> darkahven: EEEE HELE
21:26 <@jori> hitto jos tuo kuva ei enää miu verkkokalvoilta lähe pois nii hyppään partsilta
21:27 <@tracy> heh
21:28 <@DarkAhven> ;D
21:28 <@DarkAhven> DarkAhven, helping ppl to suicide since 1982
some fuckinn bulliten goin around myspace
Girls read this and guys i hope that you will never do this Body: about 13 or 14

she thought this guy she adored

was a harmless handsome prince that would never hurt her

Jeff said he was 16

he asked her out one night to go to a party

she thought yesss finnaly a night with Jeff what more can i ask for

he said its a long ride so we will be getting back late

so you should tell ur parents u r sleeping over at ur friends house

she told her parents and left ==it was 6:13PM

::::: 4 hours later 10:13pm::::: _Jeff is drunk and high he offered Bethany but she said no_

beth: wow u r right this is a long ride

Jeff: look i just want to let u know im 19 and we arent going to a party

beth: (in a screaming way ) omg than where r we going

Jeff: look i just wanted to have our own life together .. u know like run away u can lie about ur age get married have kids

beth: MARRIED ?? KIDS?? O HELL NO .. stop this car

jeff: nope ..

_beth tried opening the door and window but they wouldnt open_

jeff: child lock and window broke ... sorry baby

_beth spit on jeff_

beth: im not ur baby

_jeff reached over and slapped her_

jeff: i love you bitch

beth: (crying) ur drunk and high

_jeff stopped the car immediately ... he got out and opened the trunk ... he got out rope, tape, cocain, bottle water, large eye drop looking tube, knife, and a pipe ... _

jeff: (yelling) get out ... lets go !!! ... go over there...

beth: what did u get out of the trunk ??

jeff: ull see

_beth started screamming while jeff taped her mouth shut ..._

jeff: i knew i would need that

_jeff used the rope and tied beths legs to 2 different trees and her arms ... jeff raped beth and beth passed out ... _

jeff: o you want to sleep now do ya maybe this will help u wake up ...

_jeff opened the bottle of water and poured a quarter pound of cocain in it ... he shook up the bottle .... then he took the medicine dropper and sucked up some of the mixture ... then he injected the tube into beths vagina ... she woke up spazzing from the cocain ... jeff took the rusty 12 inch pipe and shoved it up her vagina till she bled pulled it back out then shoved it up her butt til he couldnt see it no more ... then he jumped in his car and left .. _

bethany died from internal bleeding and drug over dose... if u have feelings for her and would never want this to happen to u then repost this story so you can let all the girls be alerted off who they choose and what they should be aware of ... please we need to be strong girls....we need to know what we're doing

if your a girl repost this as "girls read this and guys i hope that you will never do this!

if your a guy repost this as "id kill a muthafucka who did this"

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 15.09.2006 07:05

Nii ja tosiaa Amsterdamii lähtö...

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 15.09.2006 07:05

Bittu parin tunni päästä herätys ja uni ei tuu yhyy bohoo /slitwrists.

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 13.09.2006 21:44

18:29 < DarkAhven> http://www.* **.org/wsnm/articles/ejaculator+cluster
18:32 <@wudu> kuulostaa kohtalokkaalta
18:32 <@wudu> tarkastetaan, siis
18:35 <@wudu> :<
18:35 <@wudu> ei näin
18:35 <@wudu> notes for myself.
18:35 <@Nippe_R> =D
18:39 < aapeli> :D
18:40 < aapeli> nyt on kyl pakko kattoo :(
18:40 <@wudu> kato
18:40 < aapeli> en haluu... :(
18:40 < aapeli> mutta on pakko :((
18:40 < Hallava> päätä jo
18:40 < aapeli> hyi vittu...
18:41 < aapeli> ei enään ikinä daahin linkkejä kiitos
18:41 < DarkAhven> http://www.***.org/wsnm/uploads/muddy3.jpg ^^
18:41 < DarkAhven> http://www.***.org/wsnm/articles/Christina+Aguilera%3A+the+early+years
18:41 <@wudu> ui
18:41 <@wudu> tää katotaa
18:41 <@wudu> hyi
18:41 <@wudu> :(
18:41 <@wudu> miks sie selailet näitä daah ,_,
18:41 < DarkAhven> nää rules :D
18:41 <@wudu> puuttuuko elämältä sisältöä :(

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 12.09.2006 04:27

01:20 < Trevek> Gah, got kicked out of L2 and now I can't get back in
01:20 < Trevek> I guess we know what time it is
01:20 -!- Trevek is now known as Trevek^Porn
01:23 < Trevek^Porn> hmmm....that was quicker than usual....
01:23 -!- Trevek^Porn is now known as Trevek^Shower

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 09.09.2006 01:19

22:15 <@jori> hehehehehe
22:18 <@jori> hittoku hirvittää piereskellä täs sohval alasti ku pelottaa jospa tuleeki viel major ripulit