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please please pleaseSunnuntai 09.12.2007 23:43

dammit i dieeeeeee
at first i want so fucking bad to go to see mcfly
then i hear that dougs fallen for a chick
and their friend died
could this get even worse :(
no no im happy for dougie
but still im jealous lol
lucky bitch
i cant liveeeeee!
and then my best mates plane is late like 5 hours.
i dunno where is she now,might be on a plane or then in france
but coming home still
thats the only thing that matters
and i see her tomorrow
but we were meant to be meeting today
but life is a bitch and then you die
oh no sorry
life is a bitch but so are you.
damn,i move to uk.
then ill be happy
thanks luv for reading this

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