Half of smokers die coz of tobacco, but life takes everyone

Meme Supreme | DrageTiistai 09.05.2006 04:16

In it's own essence, a list of questions and statements.
Designed to eat space from all other,
or rhymed to make gods to click together.

Spreading like dr. strangelove, virus bending the web.
Clinging tightly to emotions,
for every god's fulfillment.

Magick Magick,
Meme Supreme, wand which is will, created to spread
Magick Magick,
Meme Supreme, dagger to be found
Magick Magick,
full cup to be spilled, for everyone infected by Meme Supreme

But the will must be poured softly, because god's know that they arent.
Cloak in which to hide, subtle touch from shadows, guided by the divine.
Turn to better, light to show their own wine and will.

I pray for the divine, show me the dagger of subtle touch,
I wish to be worthy.

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