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dun dun dahhhTorstai 26.06.2008 17:53

ohhh poor poor mert. Rihanna has told people that she's fucking chris brown XD
how ever there is luck for you! Agness is now single, but partying with Pixi and Amy winehouse XP
OMG i have money! it seems i have more money then what thought! so you know what... taryn needs some new shoes and clothes baby!
it has come to my attention.. as told by Alana... "taryn... you eat like a whale... its amazing your not like 189kgs"
now that i think of it... i am like... gahhh taryn the great white termite! i eat eat eat and yet... i'm not too much bigger then when i left finland... i could be thinner... but that wo9uld mean giving up chocolate and milkshakes and well.... THATS JUST UN-AUSTRALIAN!
i think i need to (if i get visa) make a trip to sweden and go to Ikea to get a bed... a big bed!

I NEED TO KNOW this guys name! like really its starting to annoy me. he's so.. so sex! and i look at him every time i have lunch at work! and now... i think i'm in love with a poster boy XD i have never realy obsessed over any one... i have never really taken that close a fancy to them, not even Zac Efron, i liked him but not obsessed... however,.... this man.. gha... !!!!!
PS. i ended up stealing that poster XD

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