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1. Know each of the members names
2. Know what Roger wanted to call the band and what Brian wanted to call the band
3. Listen to their songs every time
4. Get mad when people say Queen is gay
5. Don't care that Freddie Mercury was a gay/bi.. I don't really know
5. Get really excited when they hear Queen songs on the radio or on TV
6. Know Freddie's real name
7. Know what Brian May's guitar is called and who made it
8. Don't spell Queen wrong (quenn, the queen, quen) and Freddie (Freddy) god they are easy words
9. Wish that Freddie was still alive
10. Know some of the famous concerts they held (Live at Wembley, etc...)
11. Want Freddie's Wembley jacket
12. Know most of there famous songs
13. Know all there albums (every single one)
14. Have complete Queen accessories (band t-shirts, hats, etc)
15. Know who drew and designed there logo
16. Know that Freddie is not an ass because of not saying what Bohemian Rhapsody means
17. Wish they have a time machine just to see them on tour
18. Hates rap music
19. Appreciate the new band (Queen+Paul Rodgers) even if they don't like it
20. Knows who wrote each of there songs
21. Know what the Queen crest is made of
22. Know Freddie's trademark
23. Know each of the members birthdays
24. Not only like Queen because of there song Bohemian Rhapsody
25. Not spelling Bohemian Rhapsody wrong (some people spell it like Bohemian Rhapsidy)
26. R.I.P Freddie
27. Like Brian May's hair (LOL)
28. (for the girls) Think Roger is hot
29. Love Queen with all there heart
30. Know who thought of the name Queen
put this in your page if you're true QueenFan♥

tuitui <33 Rogerparka näyttää siltä niiku se ei sais henkee D: