She aint no Cinderella when shes getting undressed; coz she rocks it like the Naughty Wicked Witch of the West

AAAAAAAA WONDERFUL FEELING!!!!Tiistai 06.12.2005 21:42

Gosh! I cant explain it to you people...since you people would not understand what im going through or all the wonderful things that have been happenin to me even thougha lot of shit is going down....but i feelll...aaah! AMAZING!!! I cant even start to say the proper words...but all seems just to be working out...and im just so happy....because of some one and its just amazing when i talk to him how freakin happy and energetic i can get!! I love it! i love the feeling! its amazing!! but what sucks is that there is a lot of things that are workin against its hard to say if anything will work out...but oh well...i just got to hope i gueess!!<3<3<3<3

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