minä täällä hei.

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 28.06.2009 02:08

ja niin ne asiat taas järjestyi.

miten onni korjataan..Maanantai 22.06.2009 20:46

päästänkö irti, kun oon huono jaksamaan?
en yksin pysty nousemaan.
jos jo kaikki rikki on.
katoan vaan pois.

..paremmaksi paikataan?

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 19.06.2009 11:25


and your voice was all i heard..Perjantai 19.06.2009 11:24

and every loss and every lie.
and every truth that you deny.
and each regret and each goodbye.
was a mistake too great to hide.

..but i get what i deserve.

you shut your mouth..Lauantai 13.06.2009 20:27

i go about things the wrong way.
i am human and i need to be loved.
just like everybody else does. dare you say.

even though it hurts.Torstai 11.06.2009 23:52

i don't care if i lose my mind.

i'm already cursed.

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 10.06.2009 22:13

so fucking tired.
fuck you very much.
'cause we hate what you do.
and we hate your whole crew.
so please don't stay in touch.

minä olen odottanut sinua kauan..Lauantai 30.05.2009 20:56

..minä olen valvonut pitkän yön.
are you gonna leave me now.
can’t you be believing now.

i know everything about you.
you know everything about me.
know everything about us.

..but i know i try.