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Random <b>bullshit</b> angst blarghingMaanantai 19.11.2007 18:23

Comfort in pain.
Comfort in sadness.
Comfort in loneliness.

It's all for the greater good,
they say.

To be that, or this.
Work, have fun, be happy.
It's too easy to say,
too easy just play

these stupid games
society gives us.

Nobody wants to be awake,
everybody just sleeps
in noise.
To search for yourself
10 000 miles away
maybe in the milkyway.

My thoughts aren't allowed,
they don't fit the norm.
But I make them laugh at themselves.
Laugh at me too.
But it's all just a deception.

To not see the pain
everybody's suffering.
For being something
they really didn't want to be.

Looking in the mirror
they understand they are
their fathers
their mothers
sisters and brothers.

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